Adventures in Decorating: Halloween 2013 Final Pics

I’m glad I remembered Halloween was Thursday! ¬†Here are the final set of pics for our lawn and house.

I tried to put where i got things in case you are inspired to do some last minute decorating and shopping.

I’ve enjoyed the house this month, but I’m ready to have a clear house again for a few short weeks before Holiday Decorating.

My camera ( ahem, the photographer struggles as well) can never get good pics of the yard decor at night, so I had a friend who is a great photographer give it a try.

Check her out!

All of the outside shots in this post are hers, she made my yard look great even though her talents are put to much better use on people!

Good Enough DIY Memo Wall Boards and Mirror Wall

Adventures in Decorating

Good Enough DIY Memo Wall Boards

I finally finished MiniMe’s room to good enough. ¬†I can live it until after gardening season is over in the fall. ¬†This will leave me time to be patient while I wait for the perfect queen size french bed, nightstand, and chair to match her room. Anyone¬†got an old curvy¬†wing back¬†chair I can paint or try recovering? ¬†I can barter for some organizing, purging or¬†decorating¬†advice. I’m handy too, just saying. ¬†I will write up the tips, tricks and lessons learned later. I still need to get the Easter Decor completed, yes I’m still tinkering, and yes Babu has told me I have ” a problem”. ¬† For now here is the final result, I hoped for a ¬†Home¬†Decorator¬†magazine clean and tidy room, but she will be 25¬†before I can achieve it and she is 10 now.¬†Please¬†excuse the mess. ¬†ūüôā Have a great week Lovies, I had a cortisone shot in my foot Thursday and hope to be on the pavement next Saturday!


Indian Summer in the garden or why we still have peppers growing

I took a good look at the garden last Thursday and took some pics.¬† I am pleased that we have been blessed with almost 2 weeks of good warm weather which has allowed my late tomatoes and peppers to keep growing.¬†¬† We have had two light frosts already, but neither of them made to the raised beds or the retaining wall.¬†¬† I will have to pull off¬† the produce by next Saturday or Sunday¬† depending on temps and frost.¬† So I hope they grow like heck this week.¬† I also have a ton of clean-up and fall bed creating to do, some plant moving to plan and accomplish and a yard to get ready for the hood Halloween Decorating contest.¬† And I must have more mums and spring bulbs.¬†¬† Now sure how I’m going to pull all of that off in the 50 hour work weeks I have going on right now.¬† But I’m betting you won’t be hearing from me as much.¬†¬† But for now The Husband and the Destroyer are at the game and MiniMe is off exploring on her bike.¬†¬† I am going to start the laundry and pick a project from the very long list of things I need and want to do. Meanwhile enjoy these pics of the garden in Indian Summer.

PS. Wasn’t the moon just awesome last night.¬† I was out enjoying in until around 4:30.¬† I good time was had by all.

It’s getting spookier


I will write more later. Today we are working on the ghosts in the yard. And tonight is Girls Night Oooooouuuuut!!!!
Followed by The Husband’s B’s and G’s and a lazy laundry day on Sunday!
I’ve got some posts in the draft stage including one I’m mulling over about me crossing the age when my Mom died line in 10 days on the 18th.
I’ve taken on a huge 3rd project at work and have to find ten extra hours in my week for work. That ten hours has to come from somewhere and so far it seems to be coming off running and writing. This is no good. I need to refocus on the run as I committed to running a half in early November. But haven’t even signed up yet, let alone trained properly.
Still my family is happy and intact. That makes me feel so blessed every day.
Have a great weekend lovies. I might end up with some time to tell you a story before it is over.

It’s getting kind of spooky around here

The final pumpkin baby verdict. Quads!

The Destroyers Birthday is coming very soon.¬† He will be 6 and he has always loved spooky things.¬† When he was a toddler he would turn all the lights out during dinner and proclaim that we¬† were playing¬† “dark spaces” .¬† His favorite shirts to wear each year are his Halloween Spooky shirts.¬† He starts wearing as soon as he can in the Fall and stops when the weather changes and he has no choice.¬†¬† Thank goodness fashion has skulls in right now because he is completely outfitted in skull/spooky shirts for his wardrobe.¬†¬† I’ve had these Dept 56 Halloween Houses for years, and each year he begs for them to be put up as soon as possible.¬† I usually do it inside before or over Labor Day weekend and then pretend we are really a normal family until October 1 when the outside stuff goes up.¬†¬† This year it’s all up now. Instead of the big Fall tree I did¬† last year I put a a little Spooky Tree on the porch.¬†¬†¬† There is more Fall decor for me to get up, but I’m done for now I think.¬† I’ll switch it out to Fall only after Halloween because I finally get to have Thanksgiving wherever the hell I please this year and will be doing it at my house. ¬† It’s by no means a decorator show house job but I’m pretty pleased with it and I love sharing ideas for decor. ¬†¬† If you do something really cool for fall please share!!