It’s getting spookier


I will write more later. Today we are working on the ghosts in the yard. And tonight is Girls Night Oooooouuuuut!!!!
Followed by The Husband’s B’s and G’s and a lazy laundry day on Sunday!
I’ve got some posts in the draft stage including one I’m mulling over about me crossing the age when my Mom died line in 10 days on the 18th.
I’ve taken on a huge 3rd project at work and have to find ten extra hours in my week for work. That ten hours has to come from somewhere and so far it seems to be coming off running and writing. This is no good. I need to refocus on the run as I committed to running a half in early November. But haven’t even signed up yet, let alone trained properly.
Still my family is happy and intact. That makes me feel so blessed every day.
Have a great weekend lovies. I might end up with some time to tell you a story before it is over.

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