Catching up with Lola

Hello Lovies-
I really don’t know how it’s October already. It was just June. I’ve been absent whilst going through some large changes and taking new things on. I’ve thought a lot about you though. A few times over the last few months I’ve snapped some pics hoping to get a moment to share my life with you. In a nutshell

We went to the Indiana State Fair and I pet the goats
The Destroyer got 2nd degree burns in his leg
We escaped the The Chateau and taught MiniMe to play chess, so she could make the Chess Team at school. She did!
The hood inherited some really cute domesticated messy difficult to “rescue” ducks and geese
I quit my old job, started a new job, worked both jobs for 6 days, learned ADD and new jobs don’t mix
Grabbed a new shirt with my old work wife’s nickname for me
Managed to get some nice zinnias and sunflowers in the garden
Grew one so big it almost clears MiniMe’s knees
Put lowlights in my hair, went to a PMI development day and found a pretty fountain
Cleared my brain enough to figure out the makings of the path to the PMO methodology I’m supposed to be developing at work
Blew off some steam at GNO
Made the best pancakes. Applesauce with flax seed, chia seed, protein powder, Greek yogurt, vanilla coconut milk, gluten free pancake mix, eggs, cinnamon, and water! The may be the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted!
Still don’t know the cause of my adrenal fatigue, but I am slowly feeling better.
Running and my body are currently having a love hate relationship. I have no races on the books and don’t run much. My foot is a constant source of frustration and my calves like to help.

Still strength training and getting stronger in as many ways as possible
I am half done with the Halloween yard for this year. The theme is running
Happy Fall Lovies!
Miss you,













Adventures in Gardening: summer progress

The garden is pretty abysmal this year. The few flowers the bunnies haven’t destroyed are trying to redeem my yard. I bought some coneflowers and tore out some Day Lillie’s. I also gave the willows a tremendous trimming. Hoping to get some more flowers for a better fall impact. And maybe water the veggies more so we actually get some.












Adventures in gardening: mid summer 2013

The bunnies have pretty much eaten the entire flower bed this year. They’ve had their way with the veggie bed too. Badger apparently has some of safe zone deal with them because The Destroyer found bunny poop in the yard today. And it really does look like tiny Easter eggs. Stupid bunnies.







Zinnia was the star of the Garden Pageant

It frosted here in Indiana last week. Fall and I have a long standing mutually satisfying romantic relationship, but I still like to get as long as possible with my Boy Toy Indian Summer. That little bitch did not show up this year! Instead he sent his super hotty cousin Summer Satan and we went through a drought and record temps of 100+ for multiple days of multiple weeks.

The long way to the point being the participants in the Garden Pageant had to all be badass to survive. The rabbits ate the new plants, the mice moved their compound to under the raised vegetable beds and subsequently had to be taken out. This involved the creation of multiple devices for murdering small cute rodenty creatures with traps made from Googling “how to kill insert cute rodenty animal here” internet. My karma may never feel 100% right again but it had to be done! I still feel bad every time I see a chipmunk and then “Why stupid chipmunk did you have to move under MY porch?” Anything with a vine got the spreading funkity funk and caused all 4 of my baby pumpkins to flop off and die. The vegetables had just taken off when the watering ban went into effect. The bugs invaded the vines. The blossoms rotted off or went on strike, Shall I go on?
It’s bad enough that I never do a good job of tracking what I planted where. What kind of peppers or tomatoes eventually get to grow is always a surprise. The seeds I do a better job with but I always think I will remember and yet I never do.

The runners-up this year were the cucumbers I grew on a trellis and the smuggled South African Pappadews. The real stars of the garden this year were definitely the Zinnias. I captured them in their fall glory last week both in sunlight and at the evening magic hour. I love how they get all multi colored and spiky this time of year. The Envy’s started slowly but by the end were a nice row of lime green. The Zahara Starlights my Mom sent me for my birthday were stunning and the White Weddings have become this amazing creamy yellow color. Even the mix on the side if the house in the less than vibrant colors looks nice for Fall.  I’m too exhausted and strapped for time to label  these tonight. I threw in a few Gerbera Daisies and one of the last roses as a bonus.

Flower Garden This Morning

This morning I visited the flowers in the garden to do some cutting.   I reminded the bees  “Even though I put this Russian Sage here for you,  You have to remember I like it too”. yes I actually said that out loud to the bees on the sage.  I also told a cute little praying mantis that he couldn’t stay on the cut glads, as he would not like it where they were headed.  We got quite a bit of rain yesterday and about 6″ or so last week.  The flowers are still hanging in there in spite of the nasty conditions this summer has provided them.   I’m hoping to get to some other writing this weekend, until then Happy Friday and consider this my virtual flower gift to all of you!