Harvest and Hot Mess

I ran out to the garden to do a quick harvest. What I found was while I’ve been busy running the garden was busy growing into a hot mess. 3 hours of puttering later the plants are somewhat tamed, two trellis’ have multiple plant baby action and I finally a basket from harvesting.



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It’s hot. I wish this was much bigger.

The Garden so far: Early Summer

Hello Lovies!  Here are some pics of our garden so far this year.  I’ll get more specific about varieties, if I haven’t already I honestly cannot remember, in a later post.  Right now some crazy person decided she was going to write 10 posts in 10 days while working a full time job and picking back up  training for running.  I’m actually at the point where I almost have everything I want in the garden foundation wise. Shhh don’t tell Babu or he will start relaxing and I just cannot have that.

Spring continues in the Garden

I finally got it together enough to get some shots of the  garden this Spring. It has been the best spring ever, I forgot how much I love spring because it seems we never actually get one.   This year has been at lest 2 springs at once.  The Peppers and Tomatoes I ordered from Gurney’s are on their way and I’ll get them in this weekend.  We are going to buy Tomatillos from the  Chilewoman.com and make the trip to Bloomington, IN to pick them up over Memorial Day weekend.   For those of you local I have  divided Siberian Iris  and some leftover onion starts that may or may not be viable so you can just have them.  Today I hope to get Sunflower and Zinnia seeds in while I am supposed to be nursing my foot, shhh, don’t tell Babu.

Garden in Spring 2012

Spring came early this year, it started on the 13th with some buds, annuals that didn’t ever die, and perennials pushing up, then it exploded. For the record I’m still holding my breath for the ice storm. Meanwhile Enjoy something that isn’t trash!