First fire of Sac Season


Hey Lovies! Happy Friday!

You are all lovely, badass and beautiful people with amazing Bravado!

Go get your weekend on!



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Catching up with Lola

Hello Lovies-
I really don’t know how it’s October already. It was just June. I’ve been absent whilst going through some large changes and taking new things on. I’ve thought a lot about you though. A few times over the last few months I’ve snapped some pics hoping to get a moment to share my life with you. In a nutshell

We went to the Indiana State Fair and I pet the goats
The Destroyer got 2nd degree burns in his leg
We escaped the The Chateau and taught MiniMe to play chess, so she could make the Chess Team at school. She did!
The hood inherited some really cute domesticated messy difficult to “rescue” ducks and geese
I quit my old job, started a new job, worked both jobs for 6 days, learned ADD and new jobs don’t mix
Grabbed a new shirt with my old work wife’s nickname for me
Managed to get some nice zinnias and sunflowers in the garden
Grew one so big it almost clears MiniMe’s knees
Put lowlights in my hair, went to a PMI development day and found a pretty fountain
Cleared my brain enough to figure out the makings of the path to the PMO methodology I’m supposed to be developing at work
Blew off some steam at GNO
Made the best pancakes. Applesauce with flax seed, chia seed, protein powder, Greek yogurt, vanilla coconut milk, gluten free pancake mix, eggs, cinnamon, and water! The may be the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted!
Still don’t know the cause of my adrenal fatigue, but I am slowly feeling better.
Running and my body are currently having a love hate relationship. I have no races on the books and don’t run much. My foot is a constant source of frustration and my calves like to help.

Still strength training and getting stronger in as many ways as possible
I am half done with the Halloween yard for this year. The theme is running
Happy Fall Lovies!
Miss you,













I’m ready for DerbyCon 2103


Adventures in mind blowing




I started a new job a few weeks ago. It’s been awesome and awful all at the same time. I’m finally at the point where my head only explodes once a week instead of almost daily. I have to keep reminding myself I’m the HBIC. Have a great Friday Lovies.