Warrior Dash 2013

Much stronger this year. Recap later. Time to shower and head to the boats with my girls.




Adventures in clean eating: results from the first 6 weeks

Down 3.5 pounds 2.7% body fat and 3 or so inches.


This was my reaction. Amazing how much difference food makes


Respect the Run; vets welcome the newbie


Shirt:S’up new guy?
Socks:What happened to Bob?
Shoes:Plantar fasciitis, over correction, he’s on work and gym duty now.

Shirt:Poor guy, he was looking forward to being the l first shoe to run two Halfs
Socks: She set her PR in Bob. So what’s your story?
Shoes: I’m neutral with more stability and my toe box is sprayed on so there is less friction and no lost toenails.

Shirt: Alright kid, here’s the way it’s going to be. Your official tour of duty was delayed by all those trips to the gym.
Socks: Well done on that ass by the way. Mad props for finishing what we started.
Shirt: Exactly, we are less than a week to pavement ladies and she’s anxious to try the new glutes and hammies out.
Shoes: Bitches, I got this. Let’s run

Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer yelling together..Not until I tell you and you have to follow the rules!!!!!

A little packing for the gym night time humor. I totally heard my purple fave running shirt and matching socks talking to the new fancy shoes about the hope for running soon

Thank you cortisone shot. You seem to be helping.

Respect the (not allowed to) Run

I haven’t been allowed to run since December 1, I tried it twice and decided it wasn’t worth the pain. Managed to not go crazy with strength training, that’s my booty by Dan butt I’ve been working on, the first PT sent me to the running guru after he couldn’t fix me and new running guru PT has me trying new shoes. Still not allowed to run.


Happy Thanksgiving Lovies

There may be a few posts today. This is what a 5k PR and a first running puke look like!! Happy Thanksgiving morning Lovies!! Go get a great run in, it’s a beautiful day.