Adventures in Decorating: Fall 2013 begins




I decided to show you the process my brain goes through when I decorate.

The air has gone to 55 at night at 75 during the day. I know more warm days are coming, but I’m ready to start prepping for Fall.

When I am planning my decor each season I start with a trip to the craft stores and some pinning time on Pinterest.

About this time every year the craft stores start putting out their Fall stuff.

This is the decorating board I am housing all my ideas on.

I also still need to clean up the basement and then properly sort and determine what I’m using this year, and what I might need to buy to supplement.

As I move through each stage of the process, I will outline for you. Maybe I make it harder than it has be be, I don’t know. But it’s how my mind works and decorating always relaxes me!

What are you plans or thoughts on all the new fall decor, burlap and other natural items appear to still be in fashion! I also found a 50 yard spool of wired burlap ribbon at Costco!

Can’t wait to use it. Happy  adventures in decorating Lovies!



I chose treasure hunting over napping today


I’ve been keeping some stuff for a friend in my basement. She graciously allowed me carte blanche access to all her craft stuff. I found these and other treasures so far. I have a few small projects in mind. And I still have to clean up the basement !! Stay tuned

Look what I learned to do today!

Today I taught myself how to cut wine bottles using a wet tile saw. Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as I was hoping but now I get to learn a Dremel! I got through four plus cases pretty quickly.


The blade was too small for the champagne bottles so I am selling them with the labels removed in hopes of paying for the blade. I quickly learned bottom cuts are WAY easier than top cuts. So I quickly abandoned the craft or vase idea for the wine party. Too much work, gone. I cut most of them as candle covers. They are a bit jagged and a little uneven. But this will be great as that style needs air to get under the bottle to work, instant air. Next I’m going to buy better Dremel drums and see if I can make them smooth and pretty, even if a little textured at the bottom.
Have a great week, I’m pooped and going to bed. Track season starts tomorrow and my shit is as is usual, not together.

Adventures in Decorating: Delta Zeta Alumae Party



Easter is over. Time to start working on all the elements for the Delta Zeta Alumnae Wine Tasting event in June!

Good Enough DIY Memo Wall Boards and Mirror Wall

Adventures in Decorating

Good Enough DIY Memo Wall Boards

I finally finished MiniMe’s room to good enough.  I can live it until after gardening season is over in the fall.  This will leave me time to be patient while I wait for the perfect queen size french bed, nightstand, and chair to match her room. Anyone got an old curvy wing back chair I can paint or try recovering?  I can barter for some organizing, purging or decorating advice. I’m handy too, just saying.  I will write up the tips, tricks and lessons learned later. I still need to get the Easter Decor completed, yes I’m still tinkering, and yes Babu has told me I have ” a problem”.   For now here is the final result, I hoped for a  Home Decorator magazine clean and tidy room, but she will be 25 before I can achieve it and she is 10 now. Please excuse the mess.  🙂 Have a great week Lovies, I had a cortisone shot in my foot Thursday and hope to be on the pavement next Saturday!