Indian Summer in the garden or why we still have peppers growing

I took a good look at the garden last Thursday and took some pics.  I am pleased that we have been blessed with almost 2 weeks of good warm weather which has allowed my late tomatoes and peppers to keep growing.   We have had two light frosts already, but neither of them made to the raised beds or the retaining wall.   I will have to pull off  the produce by next Saturday or Sunday  depending on temps and frost.  So I hope they grow like heck this week.  I also have a ton of clean-up and fall bed creating to do, some plant moving to plan and accomplish and a yard to get ready for the hood Halloween Decorating contest.  And I must have more mums and spring bulbs.   Now sure how I’m going to pull all of that off in the 50 hour work weeks I have going on right now.  But I’m betting you won’t be hearing from me as much.   But for now The Husband and the Destroyer are at the game and MiniMe is off exploring on her bike.   I am going to start the laundry and pick a project from the very long list of things I need and want to do. Meanwhile enjoy these pics of the garden in Indian Summer.

PS. Wasn’t the moon just awesome last night.  I was out enjoying in until around 4:30.  I good time was had by all.

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