It’s getting kind of spooky around here

The final pumpkin baby verdict. Quads!

The Destroyers Birthday is coming very soon.  He will be 6 and he has always loved spooky things.  When he was a toddler he would turn all the lights out during dinner and proclaim that we  were playing  “dark spaces” .  His favorite shirts to wear each year are his Halloween Spooky shirts.  He starts wearing as soon as he can in the Fall and stops when the weather changes and he has no choice.   Thank goodness fashion has skulls in right now because he is completely outfitted in skull/spooky shirts for his wardrobe.   I’ve had these Dept 56 Halloween Houses for years, and each year he begs for them to be put up as soon as possible.  I usually do it inside before or over Labor Day weekend and then pretend we are really a normal family until October 1 when the outside stuff goes up.   This year it’s all up now. Instead of the big Fall tree I did  last year I put a a little Spooky Tree on the porch.    There is more Fall decor for me to get up, but I’m done for now I think.  I’ll switch it out to Fall only after Halloween because I finally get to have Thanksgiving wherever the hell I please this year and will be doing it at my house.   It’s by no means a decorator show house job but I’m pretty pleased with it and I love sharing ideas for decor.    If you do something really cool for fall please share!!