Adventures in cooking: Hollandaise

Tonight’s culinary events are simple Betty Crocker Hollandaise and a goat cheese, bacon, dill Hollandaise concoction. We are having bacon, scrambled eggs and grilled asparagus for dinner!



Adventures in clean eating: canary melon

It was yummy! Not as spicy as cantaloupe, mild like honey dew with not as much specific flavor.


Adventures in clean eating.

Round 2 in clean eating challenge started for the gym this morning. This was my brunch. It was yummy. Can’t wait to feel better and be smaller. Trying 4 days at the gym for a bit. More to come


Fresh Guacamole

For the impromptu Sac Pit Season kick off.


Found some Valentine Mojo


Still perfecting the Strawberry Dark Chocolate Fudge. Shaped into hearts with the help of cupcake liners and cookie cutters.