Adventures in Decorating: Tweaking Mini-Me’s room

I’ve been on a work sabbatical that is nearing an end. Part of the time I have been seriously nesting. My daughter’s room has been “off” ever since we moved the French line green chalk painted desk to the playroom.
I didn’t want to spend much money so I challenged myself to use what I had on hand. The custom book shelf doll house was made from three cast off melamine book shelf shoe holder things. I don’t love the zebra with the curtains but I made it fit as best I could knowing this phase too shall pass and we can easily switch the zebra out for another fabric some day. I need to get her art and photo frames on the wall. I am also going to tackle making some sort of doll house stuff storage thing out of spare parts. Here are the pics with the usual promise to circle back and give details at some point. Hope you are enjoying your spring Lovies!





Good Enough DIY Memo Wall Boards and Mirror Wall

Adventures in Decorating

Good Enough DIY Memo Wall Boards

I finally finished MiniMe’s room to good enough.  I can live it until after gardening season is over in the fall.  This will leave me time to be patient while I wait for the perfect queen size french bed, nightstand, and chair to match her room. Anyone got an old curvy wing back chair I can paint or try recovering?  I can barter for some organizing, purging or decorating advice. I’m handy too, just saying.  I will write up the tips, tricks and lessons learned later. I still need to get the Easter Decor completed, yes I’m still tinkering, and yes Babu has told me I have ” a problem”.   For now here is the final result, I hoped for a  Home Decorator magazine clean and tidy room, but she will be 25 before I can achieve it and she is 10 now. Please excuse the mess.  🙂 Have a great week Lovies, I had a cortisone shot in my foot Thursday and hope to be on the pavement next Saturday!


Memo Board Wall

One wall done. May be one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made. Can’t wait to get the other side done!!







Pinterest inspired Memo Wall


All panels are covered and drying. All ribbon is laid out. A sneak peak at two memo walls in progress. Tips and tricks to come.