Look what I learned to do today!

Today I taught myself how to cut wine bottles using a wet tile saw. Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as I was hoping but now I get to learn a Dremel! I got through four plus cases pretty quickly.


The blade was too small for the champagne bottles so I am selling them with the labels removed in hopes of paying for the blade. I quickly learned bottom cuts are WAY easier than top cuts. So I quickly abandoned the craft or vase idea for the wine party. Too much work, gone. I cut most of them as candle covers. They are a bit jagged and a little uneven. But this will be great as that style needs air to get under the bottle to work, instant air. Next I’m going to buy better Dremel drums and see if I can make them smooth and pretty, even if a little textured at the bottom.
Have a great week, I’m pooped and going to bed. Track season starts tomorrow and my shit is as is usual, not together.

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