Pink Power

I puttered in the Garden this morning. I set my chipmunks must go trap.  I pulled dill and cilantro, sprayed the veggie garden for diseases and noticed the many shades of pink my Zinnias are producing. The teeny tiny white one with the barely noticeable pink stripes is the  Zahara Starlight Rose  finally blooming. I also have teeny tiny ENVY blooms in the lightest of lime green.

Sunflowers so far July 2012

Happy Tuesday Lovies, enjoy some sunflowers!

#photoadayjune 24 on my mind -2


It’s hot. I wish this was much bigger.

#photoadayjune 24 on your mind


My thinking spot.

#photoadayjune 22 from a high angle


Watered the 2nd story planters this morning. At least the front grass is still mostly alive

#photoadayjune 18 something we don’t know about you


Today’s theme is a challenge since I am such an open book. I don’t care for okra. But I’m growing it for Babu.

#photoadayjune 15 yellow


I know you were expecting sunflowers.