Adventures in decorating. My first chalk paint project

Chalk paint is all the rage around here right now. I love the look and the promise of no prep, easy coverage, easy distressing, and durability with wax. I recently scored a desk vanity for MiniMe and want to chalk paint it, but I didn’t want it to be my first attempt. I decided I wanted to try the DIY paint first before choosing to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I was looking for something, anything small I could use as a pilot project. The other day while showing MiniBoobs my new sparkly red pop up target tree I got a wild hair to paint the entry table red. It was a honey pine color and originally a put together table I bought at Lowes in the 90’s.
I’d give my work a 7 overall. I should of used deglosser on the table because when I didn’t get my 1 part plaster of Paris smooth enough it left little bumps of hard plaster in places and when rubbed off they pulled off right to the original finish. I was able to mostly work around or fix it though. I was in a hurry and didn’t want to distress this piece so I chose to rub an ample amount of dark walnut wax into the finish and buff it to a soft sheen. I got the project done in under 24 hours and put 3 coats of chalk paint on it. It does dry very quickly and coverage was awesome. I made my mixture in a glass mason jar and sealed it up well when I was done because I had a ton of the 2 cups I made left. I went with the 1 part plaster of Paris to 3 parts paint ratio. Next time I’m upping it to 1 part plaster of Paris to 2 parts paint.
Here are pics in various stages of the project.








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