Adventures in Decorating. It’s late but here was my Thanksgiving Table decor

I was busy this year and didn’t get the table ready until last night. I spent about 2 hours and I tore it all down after the meal today. We found the napkin folding on Pinterest. I made one of those deco mesh ribbon small garland things, but I’ve got so much on top of it you can hardly tell it or the two kinds of ribbon are there. Lesson learned for next year. We decided we liked the tall big wide centerpiece because it divided the table creating some intimacy and privacy without completely blocking the view of each other. Down side was dinner has to be served buffet style with this big a centerpiece.
I’ve got lots of ideas and possible new things I’m doing for Christmas this year so I’ll be at Michaels at 7am tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!!











One Comment on “Adventures in Decorating. It’s late but here was my Thanksgiving Table decor”

  1. I love how much you get in to the decorating. We didn’t have a center piece, we didn’t even have nice dishes. Just our regular dinner dishes we use. 😦

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