Saturday in the garden

It was an amazing nice sunny fall day here on Saturday. So I did a little work outside and took some pics of the back gardens.  The grass could use a mow and some rain.

We got a whopping 4 little pumpkins this year before the vines did this sort of slow fungus filled death thing.

Peppers have started coming in, I hope I can keep them warm enough long enough.

Harvest one of tomatoes is over,  several batches of sauce were mad e, including one with so much garlic it is actually SPICY hot.   The 2nd harvest is brewing.  There were about 6 horn worms this year, four the wasps killed with their eggs so that was VERY nice.  One I let the kids keep as a”pet” (mwahahahah), and this little guy I’m going to let stay since it is late in the year anyway.

The Big headed sunflowers are dropping and filling with seeds

The red rose bush is got its fall bloom going on.

The blackberry lilies have gone to seed

two grasshoppers were enjoying the nice sunny weather.

If I remember I will get around to the front and sides for some pics tomorrow.

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