Almost Divorce Part 8- A note about the Sisterhood;Public vs. Private chat

A note about the GW Sisterhood

You know it occurs to me that I have not actually mentioned what to me is so blatantly obvious it doesn’t even need to be mentioned.   In the world of chat not only does  PUSSY RULE, but most of the time all the girls like, respect and support each other as a matter of course.    If you are a woman and you will get naked in any fashion or sometimes even not, then you will pretty much write your own ticket in chat.  Chat can be for you whatever you would like the world to think it is.  No matter your age, weight, height or kink there will be more than one guy and/or girl and/or couple who will be into it.  And before long you will have your own fan base that may or not may not overlap with the fan base I had while I was there or someone else’s fan base. Pussy has all the  power in chat, you just have to be a big enough woman to realize that you need to be sure you share it evenly among all your GW sisters.   With only ONE exception of a girl who fought at some point with almost every girl  ( I went two rounds with her, they both went to me) and many boys  in GW,  I have witnessed only love, support and sisterhood without jealousy in chat.  Even for some awkward overlaps of man sharing.   I am not kidding when I say that GW women are mostly  all happy to share the screen with any other GW woman.  There are far to many trolls and scammers out there not to stick together.   It takes gigantic amounts of courage to be naked in any fashion on a camera in an internet chat room, anonymity cloak or otherwise.

I know I did and I’m pretty sure every girl in GW has more than 1 other girl she talks to about what she has going on that no one sees in chat roll.  We compare notes, we know who is hitting on whom and PMing with and making promises to whom, and we know how long it’s been going on and why it started or ended.   We know who is good to cam with and who is not, we know who gets pushy or who gets possessive  and whose parts are best and why.  Who is good at the dirty talk and who sends the best pics or emails.  It’s online play, lots of people are just there to enjoy or pass each other around like  a great appetizer or good Petite Chou.   It’s not a relationship seeking place for most people.  It is for sure a cyber hook up place at a minimum.   The girls stick together and we have each other’s back.  It was my girls who came to me with the “How much do you want to know about what PJ is doing in chat roll behind your back news” .

Public vs. Private

There are three kinds of chat. Public rooms for the masses, private password protected rooms for a sub group of the larger population and private rooms set up by one or two people who only invite one or a few people to the show or party.   So I’ve already got g-chat cam chatting sessions happening.  But NOW I have the opportunity to have one offs in private chat rooms. I got invited to a lot of  one man shows , and I watched about half of those I was invited to.  I participated also in some way in even less of those.  For sanity sake public is public,  private  is password protected rooms and going private  is one-on-one camming anywhere on the web;  with a nod to the fact that where you cam on the web does in fact have something to say about your online relationship with the person you are camming with.   Think random GW names in a chat room you created for just the two of you vs.  your own personal common name gmail accounts.  In my opinion a level of intimacy is implied by the increased use of the identity and the exclusivity of that information.

Also because the fact that where you cam on the web does in fact have something to say about your online relationship with the person you are camming with, there are  many differences between a public room and a private room.  And there is often some drama going on with something to do with public vs. private etc.   There is also sometimes animosity about public not being included in private rooms.   Here is the deal for that in my opinion. Almost ALL of the differences in  enjoyment of experience between a public chat room vs a private one can be tied back to one simple fact. Public  has all the trolls, assholes, idiots and train wrecks that will never make it into private.  Here are  just some of those differences from my experience as a girl in chat.

  1. Public is FULL of just chaos and constant begging for flesh by dudes that NEVER seem to actually be on cam themselves. If you go into public and get onto cam. No matter what state of dress undress or en flagrante  a girls is  …someone will ask for MORE!   Even if  they  were doing unspeakable things on that camera someone in public would usually demand or beg, but never actually politely ask the cammers to make it better for them somehow.    It’s the ones who follow the rules and ask politely and participate in a mature manner that get invited to the private rooms.   Private is still  greedy,  this is a gonewild chat room, public is greediest.
  2. Public is full of drama,  private has drama but much less and along the lines of everyday drama
  3.  If both rooms are  well populated public almost always had more skin showing, but not necessarily the better show to watch.
  4. Public had more trolls and more 4chan raids.  Raid=flooding a room with users and basically creating havoc for a bit. You could tell this was happening when the user # started climbing rapidly and hitting 300+.

So what happens in chat anyway?

That is a really hard question to answer properly.  Literally almost anything and everything from  no wild G rated tame to xxx crazy. It really just depended on the moment.  Chat was kind of cool like that.  I  could find a conversation on any topic almost any time of the day or night.   I could login and there would always be someone to talk to or look at or look at  me or  all of the above.   As things got worse and worse while we were trying to make them better with The Husband,  I went to chat more and more.   And this was way before PJ came along.   I had numerous boys in my stable and I was always on the look out for more.   I had a lot of people I could talk to on a platonic level and lots of girlfriends.    Heck,  chat had a DJ on weekend nights, and he was good and not American.   Why go out when you can drink at home and be at a virtual party as late as you want.  But I was also very cognizant that I was choosing to spend more and more of my time physically sitting at a computer and staring at a monitor and interacting by typing or talking  instead of standing up and doing something anything else that should be done.    The thing is, when you spend time with people you connect with them. The risk with connecting on the internet is it’s easier for someone to make up whatever they want about themselves and their personality.  I think it is harder to do that in touchable life because you have the validation of physical presence and are without the vacuum of the internet.


Being in a chat room when a  people are on cam is kind of like watching a bank of security cameras.   When just one person cams up their image size is large, as others  cam up in the room and it approaches its maximum cam slots then images get smaller and more stacked up in rows.   We often made jokes about  what some of the images of cams looked like when lined up.  Sometimes it resembled one of those books where you could flip through different part or clothing options for a basic image of  a person. And make funny combos of head, feet and bodies.

Some but not all of the cams are usually muted. But very often we would get on a mic to provide  audio to just talk, or to a show..or as the show.    Often there is more than one option of people streaming music. I almost always listened to music while on cam and I could often be seen chair or exercise ball dancing while typing or talking.    I ate countless lunches in chat while listening to music and bouncing on that ball.  Guys used to show up at lunch time looking for the view.   Remember you can hide or mute any one or all of the cams you like. So you only have to look at and see what you wish to look at and see.   I often hid or muted cams to tweak my viewing and listening experience to a higher level.   You can also make any one cam full screen. So you’d be watching just that cam full screen and not seeing any of the others.   I don’t think you can type in or see the chat roll when you full screen a cam. But if I full screened someone I wasn’t interested in what the room was talking about at the moment, I was interested in watching that cam.   What there might be to watch was pretty infinite but did seem to fall into several  popular categories.   Because it was gone wild any of these things could be fully clothed or totally naked, just depended on the cammer and the  moment.

  1. Person(s) on cam but paying no attention to room, or tabbed out doing something else
  2. Person(s) on cam and paying attention participating in room chat
  3. Person(s) doing just about anything from sitting to cooking  to showering  to playing the guitar to working to working out to dancing  you name it
  4. Close up shot of peens in some state of pre,  presently or post fapping
  5. Boobs
  6. Close up shot of girl parts in some state of pre, presently or post fapping or otherwise being touched
  7. Sex
  8. Various other shenanigans

I didn’t mean to,  but I think I’ve just about got them ranked in order of statistical probability to see as well.

Chat Roll

There is the public chat roll scrolling at the bottom or sides of  the cams and that is where the multiple public open conversations are taking place.     Anyone in the room was welcome to join a conversation at any time.  You had to be careful if you got too tied up in typing and being social you could miss things happening on cam.  During the early days of the  PJ era there were many nights I spent sitting in chat just talking to each other in chat roll and PM’s and being able to see each other on cam.   Things you are likely to see in chat roll

  1. Lots and lots of demanding and pleading and ordering and begging for girls to take more off, show more, etc.. if you are in Public. Oh lovies don’t get all worked up, they know why they are there when they show up and cam up, those girls aren’t being picked on.
  2. Private chat had this as well but it was much more civilized and amicable, and flirty. It was less creepy than public.
  3. A lot of flirting going on between anyone and everyone, making each other feel good by flirting and teasing and jesting and laughing was the best thing about chat.  And most of that happened in the chat roll.     There were personal inside jokes, and memes and old school stories. It was all about the community and connection, the sex part seemed to be the bonus.   It was in this vein that trolling and playing the pretend to be creepy game come into play.
  4. Any conversation you might have with a friend or someone you just met in touchable life,  and  probably with more than just 2 of you talking.
  5. Sometimes spammers or trolls would  “invade”, flood the room and create havoc.

That about sums it up. More to come next Thursday.

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