I am the bee whisperer…

Hi my name is Lola and I talk to  other living things.  And  myself.   When I was little the joke about me grumbling about having to do some chore, or taking too long to do it was that I should “just talk to it” . So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I’ve always done these things.     If there is a small spider in the house I tell it “Don’t let The Husband see you there”.   The other day The Husband told The Destroyer to get off the rock and into the house. “I’m communicating with the ducks Daddy”. Yep. He’s mine.  The Husband says I spoil those ducks.   I just like to make sure the Mommies can easily feed their babies.   I like to spoil the ones I love.  And I have a soft spot for nature.  I have even been known to make certain spider haters leave webs up so the spiders could safely lay their eggs in the fall.

There was that one time I got a little overly attached to a little moth that landed on my finger and just kind of hung out turning his furry owl looking  moth head back and forth at me.  While he cocked his little moth front paws like a dog or a cat that would sit on you.   I might of worried about him not making it out of the spider infested garage for a day longer than I should of.  And that might of happened last month when it was so hot out…. I dunno.  I think I spent so much time as a kid in the garden or alone that I just got really good at feeling a connection with everything living around me.   I’ve had several praying mantis conversations in the garden this summer.

We are all beings and I am not nice to everyone. The last thing the Japanese  Beetles hear from me is “DIE DIE DIE”.   I didn’t have  any this year.   I am barely tolerant of whatever the hell it is the nasty ants are doing to my pumpkin vines.  But I try  to adopt a if you aren’t  hurting me I’m not hurting you and after all, outside IS your home not mine attitude.  The other morning, not long after I wrote in exasperation that I might have to sex my pumpkins myself, I saw a bee on one of my sunflower blossoms. I walked over and watched him work. And then I told him that he needed to go over THERE (I was pointing. Yes I WILL be the crazy old widow  lady in the garden across the street.  Lefty and One-Eye will make sure no one takes advantage of me. I will likely have a  garden boy named Raoul or Julio or Sanchez, or maybe they will rotate.)  by the peppers and pumpkins and do his part. And could you please send your friends as well I told him, I give you bees plenty of things to gather pollen from and I want a little love too.    God and Karmic Retribution man, get to it.  The next morning there was a giant furry bumble hanging out on a boy blossom.    Since that post I now have 4 pumpkin babies and 1-2 maybe babies.  And there are some little peppers starting to form on some of the pepper plants.  For now the message has gotten through. I’m communicating with the bees.

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  1. this makes me appreciate you more! juv yuo!

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