Mr. Lincoln Rose


My Dad’s favorite. And my 2nd attempt.

Adventures in Gardening: Late Spring 2013

There is not much going on in the yard right now, the iris needed thinning so I yanked it all out last year and haven’t replanted yet.

Yesterday I trimmed the willow trees to actually look like trees instead of bushes, trimmed the spruce, got started on killing the grass that keeps cropping up.

I attended to the climbing rose and put a few tendrils better on the trellis, pulled a bunch of weeds, and removed the square foot gardening grids so I can work in those beds too.

Trimmed the Russian Sage, and re-potted all the  tomato and tomatillo seedlings I started in February. I have a list a mile long on what needs to be done in both the front and back yards.

Well, I need to make the list on paper instead of in my head so I can prioritize, I am hosting a wine event in mid-June and I’d like the garden to look a smidge better than it does right now for sure.

Here is where we are so far, looks like it is going to be an expensive plant year!  The Salvia is new and I need some on the west side of the retaining wall to balance it out a little better.

The window boxes have turned themselves into a snapdragon nursery bed, trying to figure out how I can cultivate those and still get the mats and plants replaced for new ones this year.

A fall rose gift


The Garden so far: Early Summer

Hello Lovies!  Here are some pics of our garden so far this year.  I’ll get more specific about varieties, if I haven’t already I honestly cannot remember, in a later post.  Right now some crazy person decided she was going to write 10 posts in 10 days while working a full time job and picking back up  training for running.  I’m actually at the point where I almost have everything I want in the garden foundation wise. Shhh don’t tell Babu or he will start relaxing and I just cannot have that.