These are not my words but they are my thoughts and heart

These are all goodies from http//  I absolutely LOVE this site. It is invite only, so if you know me shoot me an email and I will hook you up.  Hell, even if you don’t know me, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.  I’m too tired to explain it, but here is a link to someone else who already did.   It is basically an awesomely amazing online system of bulletin boards with pins=bookmarks via images of things on the internet.  It is VERY helpful for researching things like decorating, quotes, cooking, crafts, costumes, recipes you name it.   These images are from one of my Pinterest boards, they are not mine originally.    I’m way over committed through the end of the year and I’m exhausted, but I still felt like sharing something of myself with you today.  These are not my words, but they are my thoughts and heart.

Hugs  Mwah XoXo


PS- OMG I’m So excited. after 5 months of blogging I FINALLY figured out how to line up multiple images all in a nice row like this.   If only I had the energy to go back and fix all my previous pic posts…so not happening

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