Finally got started on the Thanksgiving Decor

We won the neighborhood  Halloween  Decorating Contest for  Best Overall Yard. It netted a $100 Gift card  that we can use to dine at a cool restaurant in the arts district downtown.   I hurried and got  all of the indoor decor down and put away before The Ladies came to clean.   They aren’t  doing so hot, we are on crew number 2.     In the past I would of also made the transition to Thanksgiving  decor at the same time.    This year I enjoyed the  clean empty spaces on all my surfaces for a little bit before I dug back in.   I am even thinking I’m not putting out Dept 56  Christmas Houses this year.   But we will see how I feel once Thanksgiving gets here.   It’s the first Thanksgiving in a while I can eat when I want, where I want and we are eating at 6 at my house.  I’m buying The Husband a new fabulous electric smoker for his coming Birthday, and he is making a turkey breast and something beefier.  The rest we will work out later, but I did promise homemade croutons and spinach salad.   It’s nothing super special, but I’m  sharing mostly because I like looking at what other people do and getting ideas.

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