Good Morning Sunshine


No run this morning, but the sunrise is still serene. Make the best of you day Lovies!

#photoadayjune 8 six o’clock

The moon isn’t ready to go to bed, but the sun is ready to party. Happy Friday Lovies!



Watch the Sky;Goodnight Moon

I took a lot of sky and moon pics over the last year or so.  I doubt I have them all represented here, as you can see by the dates my once intense passion for this subject is waning.  However, I still love to stop and take a moment to reflect in the majesty of  an interesting cloud and light filled sky, or the wonder and beauty provided by the moon.   I tossed in a good sky song and a good moon song for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

06/09/2001 9:36PM

6/13/2010 9:17PM

6/17/2010 9:45PM

6/18/2010 6:19AM

6/19/2010 9:30PM

6/22/2010 9:10PM


06/27/2010 9:18PM

06/30/2010 9:28PM

07/02/2010 9:48PM

07/04/2010 8:59PM

08/04/2010 9:08PM

08/05/2010 8:24PM

08/14/2010 9:07PM

08/15/2010 8:31PM

08/17/2010 9:06AM

8/28/2010 9:33PM

9/04/2010 7:57PM

09/21/2010 10:17PM

10/27/2010 06:59PM

1/14/2011 11:51PM

07/02/2011 8:49PM

7/14/2011 9:29PM