Christmas Decor is entering the home stretch..upstairs is done

The Upstairs is done minus a few suspended snowflakes  I need Babu to get up for me.  All I have left is the playroom and my office and then someone please put a fork in me.  I only hope I have the energy left to do the glitter ribbon is the devil write up. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned.  As soon as this uploads I’m going to drink another beer.

Lola’s Christmas Porch redo


I really didn’t like the way the deco mesh porch decorations looked so I redid them. I’ve been decorating up a storm this year and thinking of all kinds of life posts I need to write. Let’s hope I get done with all my projects soon. Many more pictures to come. For now here is the front porch redo. Less Christmas vomited more simple and classy yet still colorful and hopefully fun. What new decorating projects are you taking on this year? I’m up to my eyeballs in mesh, greenery, glitter ribbon, snowflakes and ornaments.

Lola’s Christmas front porch



Update: This was round one.  It was my first attempt at the deco mesh garland and I didn’t really like how it looked from far away once done.   I sort of think this version looks like Christmas vomited all over my porch.  So I did a post 🙂