This is the truth: Fear is a liar

That uncomfortable feeling inside you; the one holding you back, censoring you, degrading your confidence.  It’s a liar, it doesn’t know any better. AWOL nation said it best, Never let your fear decide your fateFace and conquer your fear.


This is the truth: Hold your head high

Oh Lovies, so many of you are battling so much right now. I wish I could make it happen faster for you, this awful wonderful journey you are on, but you have to go at your own pace. I’ve been there and I will never forget how much it sucked at the time. Some days I wondered where I’d get the motivation to keep moving forward without breaking. So here’s some, there will always be people out there who want to see you fail so they can feel better about themselves. Raise your head up gorgeous and go show them who the head bitch is, it’s you!


This is the truth: What you allow

This is so true it bears repeating and is currently the profile pic on the Closer to Lola Facebook page.

It applies to so many areas of life.

How you allow people to treat you is how they will continue to act. You teach them what is acceptable and what is not and you control the continuance  or the ceasing of behaviors you don’t like.

What you allow yourself to think and feel is what your mind will focus on, how your emotional and mental energy will be spent and what you will reap.

If you don’t like it and feel like you can’t change it, first ask yourself if you are truly committed to the change.

If your heart tells you the answer is no, and you still want to change then recognize that you deserve what you want. You deserve the best life possible and you are worth whatever effort is required of yourself to make the leap.

You are amazing and beautiful inside, no matter how messed up you think you are. Stop telling yourself you are messed up because guess what? Everyone is messed up, it’s called life.  Put on your BGP and go own it. Go get what you deserve. I know you can do it.