Easter Decorating 2013: Bunny Shit Crazy

First of all I don’t really know how it happened. Somewhere in my cloudy memory I’ve always held a mental image of a white painted iron rabbit sitting on a hearth.  I’ve always decorated for Easter, but this year I actually made an attempt to fill the house more so it could carry over into Spring.  Somehow I got it into my head I would do Bunnies. It was very likely the multiple brain washing trips I’ve made to Micheal’s  Hobby Lobby, and Joann etc over the last few months as I take on more projects than I can ever possibly finish…manic much?  I blame Pinterest for this girl’s mania. It’s evil sent me minion style on a lengthy and expensive quest for the perfect bunnies, and chicks, and eggs, and ooh look turtles are back in fashion and well….the end result is here.  I played a lot of yes, no, maybe so as I decorated this year because almost everything was new. It was exhausting and I hope to not repeat another ridiculous quest of decorating until June when I am hosting the welcome new alumna sorority event slash wine tasting party…on a weeknight, in Indiana. Yes, shutting up, you’re right, I freaking love it.   I tried to get  a chick and a nest in every area and at the end of the effort I am supremely pleased with  myself.  I’m considering taking on the porch next.  For now I have tzatziki (I have no clue how to spell that and no desire to look it up) to make because my lovely Babu is making me Greek for dinner.  Happy Spring is coming…right after the 6″ of snow this week. I tried for way longer than I’d like to get these in a good order, I’m over it Lovies! Have a great week.