Sometimes all it takes is a day off and a reminder someone loves you! Enjoy your weekend Lovies, I’m starting mine a day early so I wouldn’t quit or commit a CLM career limiting move.

This is the truth: control


This is the truth: You can only control you. You must learn to love and accept others with all of their beautiful flaws or remove yourself from their world. Just remember no one is capable of being a “good person” 100% of the time. That would imply perfection and it doesn’t exist in people. But if you decide you can’t live with it, then do yourself a favor and keep it moving, quickly.

This is the truth: It’s your choice

Bitch , moan, rant,  whine, sulk, pout, ramble, do nothing, or get off your ass and become part of the solution.

THOSE are your choices, pick wisely!279645458084209172_lhrL5XMs





I’m not sure which is worse, keeping my mouth shut or forcing myself to recognize why I wanted to speak in the first place!

Some days…..

I am a delicate flower


The joke in my house is that I am a delicate flower, my husband knows better than anyone that I have a very hard shell and a very soft center. Add in my vulgar prone mouth and when I saw this I nearly spit out my coffee. This is the best card ever.