Mother’s Day 2013


Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day as well

Saying Goodbye

It was a sad day here at the Lola house because George died. That cat was a giant pain in my ass, but God I loved his crotchety little furry butt. He had a meow that sounded just like Mama. He only entertained petting if you did it while he ate by rubbing his ears and cheeks. He’d take a bite or two and pretend to eat but he was really just sitting there letting you pet him. He sat on every single one of my dining room chairs covered in designer fabric rather than picking just one chair. He and Dresden thought they were some kind of cat/dog combo brother sister species. It took him 18+ months to warm up to Badger. When Capers died via drowning in the icy March pond behind our first house he sat at the back door just sad and looking out the window for his best big brother for two+ days. He was a big cat in his prime, and he would of been bigger had he not licked his furry little balls right in front of Babu and I on the dining room table during dinner one night. We had to change his name from Chleo to George after his first vet visit. We named him George because Dres had already adopted him like some kind of stuffed toy. And finally, that damn cat pulled the cute kitty move in the cage at Petsmart, but once we got him in the box, he bit and clawed his way out and gave us the Manson Lamps…for the rest if his life! Good bye Georgie, we miss you and tell Dresden Mommy misses her every day.



Happy Easter Lovies

Prime Rib roast is in the oven. Kids are happy. Peace be with you!





Melding the Lovies: A Birthday Story

Last night I got out with a few of my favorite Lovies and celebrated my 42nd Birthday, which seems really far back, but was actually just last Monday.  I was the last one ready so I got to have them all in my room as I was finishing up.  In High School I often got ready for night’s out with members of the Six Pack Pow Wow. In college, with the girls on the dorm floor, everyone running in and out of the room to raid my closet. Back then We’d sit down on the floor and ceremoniously down a certain number of Kamchatka Vodka shots; can you say rot gut and they still make it because every time I see it on the shelf I smile. Or we’d ready our Purple Passion;  don’t act like you don’t miss the 2 liter purple goodness in the vendor provided giant water bottle for pouring it in, before heading to whatever Frat(s) were on the docket for that evening.  Getting ready with my closest Besties  is still a treat and partially why there is a chair and an ottoman for seating in my  bedroom.  It was the perfect beginning to the evening.

We arrived at  Bella Vita for dinner, a decent Italian place on the marina and were seated quickly in spite of being 15 minutes late for our reservation. Then we got down to business. Catching up one by one over the next two hours as each shared updates on our current burdens, joys and plans.  There was laughter, tears quickly hugged and fanned away, and secrets finally divulged to all. There was love, support, solidarity in anger, understanding and empathy.  I’ve always been one to collect friends in little pockets here and there, usually choosing to keep them all separate and find a way to get to everyone with enough of my time.  Last year on my birthday I decided it was time to explore melding my collection of beautiful Lovies and I am so blessed  many of my disparate group have become closer to each other in the process.  To stay in my life for any amount of time you must be beautiful on the inside, trustworthy,  brutally honest and for the love of God prone to minimal drama. I like people who sharpen me, keep me grounded,  love me for who I am with ALLLLLL my quirks and foibles.  In return I try to love them back as fully as I can and let them know as often as possible how wonderful they are.  I’ve never been a  one super close friend at a time girl, it’s too easy to get stomped on that way and there are too many amazing people  out there not to cast a wide, though selective, net.

Full, but not too full we headed to Saddle up,  a country western line dancing bar that also plays more club music and for the next 4 or so hours we  shook our asses and burned off dinner while hydrating with drinks.  The night ended with an unforgettable trip to the Taco Bell drive though and amusing the staff ( we’ll go with that version)  with our antics.   I’m enjoying getting older, no lie.  Each year brings more insight, maturity and comfort with who I am. Each year brings new challenges and triumphs mixed with the every day mundane things.  I can’t think of finer people to share it with than my Besties.  Here is to another grand year of my 40’s!

After Dinner

After Dinner


Fun Size, Process, Shorty and Tete!

Woke up with a big hairy man

Badger sleeping with Mommy. Kids picked out all my gifts. Cheesing
it for the kids. Not bad for a day shy of 42. Here’s to another year of the fabulous 40’s.