In honor of Father’s Day, a note about Daddies

  Happy Father’s Day!  I’ve been sitting on the fence about a Father’s Day post.  My Dad died 9 years ago today  and The Husband supports the blogger but does not read the blog.

My Father and I had a special relationship, one that started early because my Mother was very very sick when I was born in the early 70’s.  She had Breast  Cancer and the story goes that they gave her experimental drugs b/c she was carrying me.  Said drugs were supposed to basically turn my mind my mush, but instead I was born quite healthy and full of life, I’m sure this surprises no one.  Family lore has it that I was written up in a medical journal as a miracle baby, tho I’ve never researched the validity of that.  Anyhow, my  Mom didn’t make it past about 6 months and so my Dad was left with me and my 16 year old brother. He raised me until he remarried when I was 3,  with the help of my brother and the village mentality that actually not only existed but also was actually practiced back then.   He died before he got to meet  “Jasper-Anne”, his nick name for  MiniMe while I was still pregnant.  My Dad is is responsible for many of my strengths.  I would not be the woman I am today without his gene pool, his guidance, and his love.  I idolized him to the point of being told by my  friends that I talked about my Dad too much,  they all talked about their Mothers more.   Even as a young adult if I wanted to curl up with my Dad and snuggle I had no hesitation about climbing into whatever current outdoor chaise lounge “throne” he  was in and laying down on top of him.   I miss him every day,  his full time job right now is keeping The Destroyer from dying an untimely and tragic death.. He shows up for me too from time to time.

   Last summer as sunflowers  (all volunteer from the year before)  that literally surrounded my patio on 3 sides, like a big sunflower hug that lasted and lasted.

In huge summer thunderstorms  just like the ones we used to watch from inside the open garage in lawn chairs.    I still do this today with my own kids, and sometimes by myself.

In my dreams, yep I dream about dead people sometimes.  And in every time some phrase or sentiment of his I’ve indoctrinated into my own personality  comes out of my mouth.

When The Husband was a new father I wrote this, I went looking for it while trying to make up my mind about posting.  And you know what, he is still every bit the amazing Father he was back in 2003.   He is an attentive, inventive and loving Daddy to both our children.   He is involved, educated and in control.  I spent some time last year learning first hand every other week how badly single parenthood can suck. I will fully admit my husband was MUCH better prepared for this than I was.  And I’m sure he was the better parent during that time.  We are blessed through  mutual hard work and perseverance to be together as a family this Father’s Day.   As soon as he gets home from his Father’s Day present weekend with the guys trip, we will celebrate. And I couldn’t be happier it worked out this way.

One Comment on “In honor of Father’s Day, a note about Daddies”

  1. dsgnmom says:

    Wonderful insight Lola… thank you for sharing your journey with me as I have learned today how to be that more appreciative that I had my Mom til my age 30 and my Dad until this year, January… my age, 55. You are a special soul indeed and I look forward to following you. Thank you for your comments on my blog today… it meant so much to me! Feel free to post my lik as a pingback here if you want to. I would welcome your readers always.
    PS I have a memorial post to my dad called “Holding Daddys Hand Forever” and a post remembering the 25 years since my Mom passed away called “It’s been 25 years today….Mom, I still miss you!” I invite you to read them and let me know what you think.

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