The Garden in Spring 2013

Apparently I started the rip apart and redo trend last fall when it was bulb planting time. All of the Iris came out of the ground and haven’t made it back in yet. This led to digging up every bulb in the retaining beds and a complete redo.

I bought some new bulbs for the back beds and my Mom ( for those of you not in the know, my Dad remarried when I was 3) came over and helped me go through the piles and piles of bulbs on the patio and replant them.  In the process she made me promise to pull up the back tulips after they bloomed and throw them away.  So tomorrow before we go over there for Mother’s  Day, I’m going to listen and follow directions, the gift every  Mother dreams of, and dig up the tulip bulbs and take them to her as a silly gift. In spite of the ripping apart, re-doing , and really cold weird Spring we’ve had the garden didn’t look too awful shabby.  The front beds looked quite nice actually, which means they will be kaput and ready for new bulbs as well next year. Tulips only last about 2-3 years in Indiana, I don’t know why really but I think it’s the clay soggy soil, it just rots them eventually.    Plus I get to buy new tulip bulbs for the fall, so it’s cool.  Here are the pics of what did bloom. Happy Spring!!

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