The (next to?) last Cut and Come Again Zinnia cut of the year!

I just posted about how to get free flowers from this year’s blooms. The Zinnias in my back yard were way past due for a cut.  Anything I left on in the after pics were from blooms past their prime.  These will make the perfect seed heads for next year’s crop. Since I love Zinnias so much I  may even go control freak and harvest them.  I’ve got 2-3 new beds in planning stages and I’d love for them to have Zinnia’s every summer with little effort from me.   All of the plants have buds forming as well.  If the weather holds out I may even get one more cut from this batch.   I think this one makes cut 7 or 8 this year.  If I’d been more diligent about puttering I could of gotten more!

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