This is the Truth: Silence

“Silence is better than bullshit.” | #goedemorgen #quote

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I went searching for a good image of the “I have loved the stars…” Galileo quote,  (hoping for a curly haired girl and the  moon, was disappointed) But stumbled upon this.

If I was feeling  more ornery tonight I’d state THIS IS THE MOTHER FLIPPING TRUTH!

Apply it to business.

If you don’t know the answer don’t make something up.  I’ve never been berated for stating “I’ll have to get back to you on that” or ” So and so will have a better answer, I will get with them and follow up with you”

Apply it to relationships.

Speak the truth to me or choose to stay silent. Both are your choice and both mean something in their own special way depending on who you are and how much I love you, or don’t.  It is in my nature to always speak the brutal, direct, sometimes delivered gently truth. I’ve never been very good at bullshit, sharing the truth of how I feel and what I think is too dear to me.  Bullshit takes too much effort to maintain and it degrades our relationship.

Back to searching for that perfect image… someday I will teach myself how to make them….