Fall 2012 Decor inside and out- tips, tricks and details

Well Lovies,  It isn’t quite what I hoped to have time, money and energy for this year, but it is as done as it is going to get because we are already focusing on the Halloween  Decor. I wanted to do something fall-y with the four window boxes on the front of the house, and that still might get done, but It isn’t going to be a priority this year.  I added more brown, green and white to the color scheme and even though I’m not personally blown away by the  overall impact, I’m pretty pleased with the small details and sparkly things I was able to add.

Tips, Tricks and Details:

First you really must take inventory and plan:

I have mentioned before that I break down my stems and picks and store them away by category.  This makes for more time intensive decorating, but it also allows for things to be just a little bit different every year. I really never know what I’m going to do until I start doing it.  I  bought a few things to add and probably would like to acquire some more, like leaves for instance.  As I was unpacking it all in the basement and taking inventory I knew I wanted to change some things up so I took pics on my phone of what I had and took those along with me as I went shopping.   This came in handy  more than a few times.  I salvaged an old lidless tall kitchen trash can we were done with and am now using it to store my taller stems, it’s perfect for the job!  I got the idea when I got tired of using my tall Rubbermaid wrapping container  and noticed the trash can was sitting in the garage and almost the exact same size and shape.

Then there is the shopping:

Why does every place I go take 90 minutes and cost $100. I don’t know maybe it is just me and my need to be able to think and process while I shop, but I usually end up hitting all the home stores in my area. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge ( I hate this place) and Jo Ann Etc.

I try to browse first and then make my choices. The Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are across the street from each other in the next town over so I concentrated my efforts there.  I always shop when things are on sale, because it seems ALL stores these days like to place ridiculous prices on everything then put it on sale for 40%-60% off. They seriously must think we are all just that stupid.   Like I’m really going to pay $50 for a plain black table runner with some  crystal spiders on it from Jo Ann? In what universe do they think anyone believes that product is worth what they are trying to charge?  In reality is in just plain annoying, but if you want to save money you have to figure out how to play the game. So never ever ever ever buy anything that isn’t marked down, if you want to save gas and time stalk the ads and plan ahead before you go.

Do not underestimate the fact that spending some extra time looking  around can save you some cash.  One of my favorite acquisitions this year was the  sunflower pics with the sparkly centers.  I first found them in bush form at $25 a bush, there were 5 of them on each bush and some leaves, bringing the price to $5 per sunflower (before % off  discount).   They were are gorgeous brown and I had them in my cart as a maybe.  This was after I  stalked every last inch of floral to see if they had bigger ones on single stems for about the same price or cheaper, which they often do.  I then headed to the seasonal aisles and spent time looking very carefully at the single pick type floral. While there I found the exact same thing, in a slightly different color, but still more brown-y bronz-y with no leaves at for $2.47 a pick (before % off discount) SCORE!!!! I put my overpriced $25 bushes back and grabbed at least 10 of those suckers.

Check the Christmas section for things that will work in your Fall or Halloween decor.  I found the green mirror ball ornaments and glittery brown leaves in the Christmas aisles of Hobby Lobby ( this store has the best and biggest selection of Christmas stuff). My Christmas color scheme last year switched to red and more of a lime green, so when choosing items for the green I wanted to add for Fall and Halloween I picked the same lime green. Reusing things from season to season is another way to save money and also create a more fluid transition from one staging to the next.

If you aren’t sure what goes with what just do what I do, I use my cart seat as a staging area of sorts. I shove the stems down in the wire and then add it the other things I find to see what it all looks like en mass together.   By doing that and referring back to my phone pics of my inventory at home I was able to save myself from a few unfortunate ( ugly together) or excessive ( you already have enough orange/yellow crazy lady)  choices.

I like layers, depth and texture in my decorating. I also like sparkly and shiny things but I want the overall look to be more classy and elegant.  The sparkle and glitter is to catch the light, not to scream BLING VOMIT.  A little bling goes a long way.  I try to also stick to only about 3-5 kinds of flowers and  leaves ( odd numbers, always odd, except in cases where symmetry is needed) or choose flowers that compliment each other and would be blooming at the time I am decorating. If you mix  too many kinds of flowers and leaves once you start adding all the other things (various pumpkins, squash, acorns etc)   it can get too busy. I’m no interior designer, this is just what appeals to me.

Speaking of catching the light don’t  overlook adding cream or white items to the mix to play off the darker colors and give some contrast.  I cleaned Hobby Lobby out of the white pumpkins ( and I want more), I knew I could use them for Halloween or even Christmas.

Finally put it all together:

I made a few changes to the traditional Fall porch tree in that I scored a free used artificial Christmas tree from our local Facebook Marketplace, and proceeded to spray dark bronze paint on most of it.   I had one can of the same paint I used to change up our front door earlier this year  so total cost outlay for the tree and  paint was gas and time only.  Gotta love free!   I  strung most of the lights I am using as part of the Halloween theme on it before I put the fall stuff on, this way when I go to switch it out I won’t have to fiddle with lights and if I want to leave some of it on there and just add more it will be easier. Then I just kind of  start puttering and placing.  This can take hours, not only because I am picky, but also because I have ADD and  I tend to move a bit aimlessly from one project to another as I get a vision in my head.  This is why I call it puttering AND why I spend so much time getting inventory and organized.

I try to place things in odd numbers. I try to use some of the same things in each arrangement so it all goes together and yields a  fluid and cohesive look through out my house.  I try to make sure each room on the main floor has something and feels complete. I have been in this house for roughly 5 years now and I still end up feeling like it should have more or not being 100% satisfied with  the end result.  I’m sure it could be super duper fantastic if I only had more money, energy,  searching on Pinterest and no full time job.