Took a stab at July 4th eyes

Headed out to shop, eat junk food and watch some fireworks. Happy Fourth of July Lovies.

Why I haven’t been blogging much

Hoping to feel better soon and start liking everyone sooner.


Lola Turtle


Sometimes, but not often, I even amaze myself. One wire turtle with green eyes + coco liner+ my special ribbon= Lola Turtle.

This is the Truth: Stay Strong



This is the truth:  You know who you are, what you stand for, where your heart and intents lie. Don’t allow anyone else to define you for you or convince you  something opposed to the truth you know inside yourself. So what if they can’t, don’t, won’t see it. Stop wasting time trying to make them see something they couldn’t comprehend to begin with, YOU know it’s there and that Lovies, is all that matters. Put it out there as best you know how and screw the haters, they are everywhere and they WANT  to derail you so they can feel better about their own evil, pitiful, shameful, pathetic, ugly selves.  Give them empathy  and a knowing smile of understanding because we all have moments of hate, evil, ugliness, and shame.  Some just choose to live and wallow there versus working their asses off to find a better way to love themselves or learning to throw up their arms and shout  “Let it go!”    Stay strong, proud and smiling.  You are worth it, you can do it and you are strong! Don’t let anyone strip it from you or give it away to the haters.

Happy Friday! ❤



Hair and Eye Narcissism

It was time for a new header pic, so after roughly too many times of playing around, I am so out of practice, I got a few good shots. 🙂IMG_2425 IMG_2423 IMG_2422