Adventures in Decorating: super hero kids den

A few Christmases ago I bought Babu every x-man comic from inception to like 300 something. Some in bound hard cover books. Some in lots, some auction swiped from geeks. We let the kids see them and I had them pick some out to use as decor. Then I made MiniMe, The Destroyer, and Babu all artwork of their own to decorate and add color in the playroom. They are not hung yet. But I’m pleased a small project is done. I used foamy sticky squares to hold the top row in place in case the pressure from the frame oat enough. I also built from the bottom up and flipped the frame like a pancake before securing the backs.





2 Comments on “Adventures in Decorating: super hero kids den”

  1. That is sooo cool. Very nicely done Lola.

    • Lola says:

      Thanks. I have some plans to make the shelves look like cityscape building outline comic book super hero style. Stay tuned.

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