Holy Moly it’s a Gardening Day

Happy Sunday Lovies!  I’m so glad my indoor projects have come to almost completion because oh my goodness do I have a ton of gardening to do.

So far this morning I have harvested cilantro and made green sauce  with last years roasted peppers from the garden, harvested chive flowers and have  them drying for chive oil and vinegar.
I have SOOOO much clean up and prep to do before I can even plant, I have sunflower and zinnia seeds to get in, a rose to tie to trellis, willows to cut back, weeds to pull. Oh my the list just goes on and on.

I want to have it all done by Friday so I can spend Memorial  Day Weekend, NOT at the Chateau, but here in the yard. It’s a mulch  year for the whole garden, a dirt year for the raised beds.

I have  to pull out and fill the window beds, I have things to spray paint and hoses to untangle and yeesh!

Hope this finds you enjoying the outdoors today as well, hope to have some pics by the end of  the day!

Happy Gardening!



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