Adventures in Decorating: Easter 2013 Final House and Porch

I’m one of those people who  tinkers with the decor until I have it just so, I don’t know if it’s a personal sickness or  if anyone can even tell a difference, but it’s part of my process and pretty akin to how I do most things. The first pass is usually not enough, there has to be a way to make it better!  It relaxes me, sort of like puttering in the garden.   Here are the final pics of Easter 2013.  I’m the happiest with my Easter outdoor Chick tree and that I was able to use all the tiers of the metal egg tree.  I snuck a few more bunnies in the house, shhh don’t tell Babu!  I’m in a hurry to get these posted for you, I will come back and get them labeled and in better order later Lovies, we are tackling the mud room makeover today!

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