Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon recap



Guess who set a Personal Fucking Record this morning?!?! I did. That’s who. Sweet Thang beat me in the sprint to the end but I still finished in 2:26:56 an 11:12 pace. AND I ran the whole thing. I chopped off 33 minutes from my last half. It. was the easiest half I’ve ever run. I just focused on the moment of each mile. When it got a little hard I focused on form. Keep breathing, lean forward, use my arms, land on a mid foot stride. I had a great attitude. And I noticed I was booking it but tried not to get caught up in it or think too much about it. I wanted to run as strong as I could when I felt good to pull and carry us for the earlier miles. I didn’t know what miles 11-13 would bring. Turns out they were no big deal. I feel so good about this race. I even love the fact that in mile 12 we started getting pelted with icy sleet, that my fingers were unusable cold even with gloves. We had these results because we consistently worked our asses off. In heat. In cold. In wind. On hills. Three times a week. Week after week. The hill route we have been doing and the wind sprints coach Guido on the cross country team subjected the kids and by default me to all paid off big time. The course was great. The volunteers were awesome. There was a lot of love on that course. Super fantastic excellent race!! I’m kind of sad I’m not planning to run the Santa Hustle Half Marathon. This was officially my last half of the season. Time to focus on strength and cross training before training season starts. What’s your winter training plan?!

7 Comments on “Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon recap”

  1. Congratulations on setting a personal record!!! So happy for you!

    As for my winter training plans, I just finished my last 26.2 for this year, I’m going to sign up for a 10k on Thanksgiving, but that’s it. After this week as a rest week, my coach is going to start building up my swimming and biking again so that I can train for my 1/2 Ironman next year.

  2. Congratulations on your race. I myself have a January Half I’m training for! Soon it will be treadmill time. lol Happy Running!

    • Lola says:

      I run outdoors all year long. It is actually pretty awesome running on ice and snow. Training season doesn’t start for me again until January 16th. So at least it will just be 1x a week outside. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. John says:

    Nice run!

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