Put some Easter Decor up and I did an Egg Tree

I  took a day off for me with the hopes of getting outside in the  dirt and sunshine later.  I can see this is the start of my series of months where I take a  day or two off and just try to relax and do what I want.  Which is usually write,  garden or if I haven’t been training regularly, run. Later I’ll be running 6 miles but for now I’m finally getting around to putting up these Easter Decoration pics.  I have collected egg ornaments for a while, but recently had to curb my collection because I was running out of room on my metal egg tree.  This year I had an idea that I could make an Easter tree like I made a Fall tree.   I  was slightly concerned I might not like having a tree out so close to Christmas, but as it turns out I think it looks kinda neat. I was even able to take the metal egg tree back down to 2-tiers from 4 this year.  Which also mean I now have more room for new egg ornaments. It’s a win!  The rest of my sparse Easter Decor is mostly just stuff i picked up here and there. I did change the ribbons on the mantle for the season though and I really like them. I think this opens up the possibility to change the ribbon for the season and leave my DIY topiary trees up all year round.  I have another one of the candlesticks too so I am now officially even more bummed I didn’t find 3 of those little clearance tree cones.  Oh well, it can’t always be an “all rainbows shooting out of a Unicorn’s butt” day can it?  Here are the pics, enjoy.

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