Apples and Sausage; Apple, Pear, Sausage Pancake

Apple, Pear, Sausage Pancake

This cooking post covers two meals I made in the last couple of weeks.   We have been really busy both at work and home so Brinner aka Breakfast for Dinner has made a reappearance in our menu planning.   By menu planning I mean what do I make when I am standing in  the kitchen at 5:30 or 6:30 or 7:30 trying to decide what we are having for dinner.

Apples and Sausage is a meal from my childhood.  It is just that, Apples and Sausage!

1 pound roll of  Sausage, we use spicy.

Let’s talk about the Sausage. You MUST USE BOB EVANS!  You must use Bob  Evans because throughout the years The Husband and I have made a lot of things with rolled sausage.  And Bob Evans not only tastes the best, especially if you like spicy, but it is the leanest. You can cook an entire 1 pound roll of Bob Evans Sausage in your pan and not have an ungodly greasy mess to deal with after.  You will also have just enough sausage grease left over for frying your apples.    If you have a brand you are loyal to, by all means don’t let me sway you. But Bob Evans in the best.

When we were growing up,  my Mom sliced the sausage into patties and fried it that way.  So for this meal that is what I did.  Plus I didn’t know how down MiniMe and the Destroyer were going to be about this.  They miss out on so much good food because of their nasty kiddie attitudes about it and some nights I am just not up to fighting the battle.

Brown on medium to medium low until just about done on both sides.   I usually not only press them down with my spatula when flipping, but also end up cutting them in half before they come out.  Hi,   my name is Lola and I am OCD about underdone sausage.   I like my sausage quite brown. Remove all of it from a pan and set aside on paper towels to drain.

2-6 apples of your choice.  We like Gala, Granny Smith,  Fuji, whatever really.

This is really a matter of your preference on amount and serving sizes. I core them and cut them medium thin. But you could dice them, or  slice them really thin.

I dump them into the sausage grease  and use a tiny bit of cider vinegar to deglaze the pan.   You could also use water, but not too much  unless you are going for mushy applesauce.    You could also stir in a bit of butter.  As they start to heat up and sweat,  sprinkle on the brown sugar and cinnamon.   I used roughly 2-4 TBS of brown sugar and just dusted the cinnamon to taste.   Stir well to incorporate. You can add more water if you need to, but I try to keep it to a minimum so I can get to the glazed syrupy sauce before the apples get too mushy.   Let them simmer on medium low to low for  about 10-15 minutes or until at your desired apple tenderness and sauce thickness.

Brinner for the winner

Growing up my mom put the  sausage back in the pan to get coated by the mixture and served it all together. Since the kids were being served this we ate it side by side with the rest of our Brinner that night.  It was leftover B’s&G’s, the rest of the hash browns in the freezer, scrambled eggs and cheese,  Sausage and Apples,  and biscuits.   No one went hungry but not everyone ate the same thing. And the kitchen was a freaking mess.

Apple, Pear, Sausage Pancake

OK first of all this was a fluke.  I just kind of came up with it on the fly to use the leftover sausage for the next Brinner meal.

I diced up the remaining sausage patties and set them aside.  I cut up apples and pears in a big dice  and put them in the pan with  enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. I was in a hurry and didn’t have 20 minutes to cut them bigger or simmer them like above.   I threw in teh brown sugar and cinnamon right at the beginning, set it on medium high and kept an eye on it while I cooked batch after batch of pancakes.   Near the end I tossed in the small diced sausage and let it hit in the mixture and the flavors blend.  I was making the kids pancakes using Bisquick mix and I mixed up a double serving.  When you do this the batter starts to thicken, because it was a double batch by the end the batter was really gooey.   As the Apple, Pear, Sausage mixture got done and I neared the end of the pancake batter,  I became inspired.

What if I made one big fluffy apple, pear sausage pancake??

So I put a little oil in my pan and dumped the rest of the batter in to coat the whole pan. It was thick and slow moving batter…perfect!   I waited a few seconds for the bottom to set up a smidge then spooned a ton of the mixture, sauce ( but not too much)  and all on to the uncooked top.   I then waited for the big pancake to set all the way up on the bottom and somehow managed to flip it without breaking the whole thing.  hearing the sizzle on the flip side was mouth watering.   I wondered if I’d get any crispy caramelly apple bits on the bottom side.  It was super close to nirvana but I will have to tinker with the recipe to get it just where I’d like it.

It made a huge plate size pancake that The Husband and I split.  Both kids tried it and The Destroyer even liked it.

Pics of both are below. I hope you enjoy my recipes, such as they are!

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