This is the truth: Hold your head high

Oh Lovies, so many of you are battling so much right now. I wish I could make it happen faster for you, this awful wonderful journey you are on, but you have to go at your own pace. I’ve been there and I will never forget how much it sucked at the time. Some days I wondered where I’d get the motivation to keep moving forward without breaking. So here’s some, there will always be people out there who want to see you fail so they can feel better about themselves. Raise your head up gorgeous and go show them who the head bitch is, it’s you!


My Christmas Wish for you

This is the truth: Fearlessly be yourself. You are just as wonderfully fucked up and beautifully flawed as the rest of us. You deserve the best life possible. You are worth joy, love, empathy, understanding, forgiveness, and self acceptance. The first step is to decide who you are, who you want to be and go be that person. Fearlessly, without arrogance or apology.