Closer to Lola is 1 Year old today!

Closer to Lola is 1 year old today.  Thank you for reading it 13,067 times in the last year. When I took the plunge and wrote my first post one year ago  I had no idea where the blog would take me.  I spent the two weeks prior to hitting the publish button for the first time getting this whole thing straight in my head.    I wasn’t thinking about what I would write,  I knew I had to get  Paul’s poison out of me.  I had to figure out the logistics and  analyze the potential social and other repercussions that would surely come as backlash for having the fucking audacity to stand up loudly and scream I will not be shamed you bitches.  I knew it was time to let go of my own shame and finally forgive myself and once I did, voila. Closer to Lola was born. Yeah, I did that, here is what I learned and here is how it felt and to some degree here is why I did it. Here is what might help you if you get yourself into something like this.    Before I even came up with a name for it, or chose a publishing platform, or picked that first theme on WordPress,  I had to be absolutely certain that I could write a blog for the right reasons and with the right balance and with the right tone.   I had to sort it all out with myself in my head and then I had to approach Babu with the plan and ensure that he was  fully on board.   I applied the principles of Project Management to starting this blog and made sure I was comfortable and square with myself before I ever even started.

I have a mission here, to show you all to fearlessly be yourself.  I don’t write to get famous or syndicated. I don’t play the blogger leave a ton of comments and chain letter award each other game.  Mostly because I’ve never received one, I don’t know if my tune would change if it ever happened.  I imagine it would and pretty quickly, but  having a huge famous blog has never been my goal.  I appreciate each and every lurker, searcher,  and reader that comes here.  I am flattered every day that people actually read this thing, my only intent is to put myself out there, to allow you closer to me.  To love, laugh, ponder, grow, vent, teach, heal and share.   I enjoy writing and I absolutely enjoy every day someone deems it worthy enough to read it.

I started writing for one simple reason, I wanted to get the poison of  Paul out of me and come to a landing place on that part of my life.  It wasn’t always fun or easy but it was so rewarding and helpful and I’m so glad I did it.   Those of you that read it as I wrote it,  one  intense, raw, funny and heartbreaking post at a time got to see  all of that play out as it happened.  I’m so grateful you cared enough about me  or were interested enough in the story to stay.  I’m thankful for all of the gw’ers that reinforced my belief that my detailed descriptions of gone wild and chat were are spot on.  The  men and women who reached  out and said I’m so sorry that  happened to you, that it crazy stuff, I had no idea, I’m so proud of you etc..    I’m thankful for friends who gave me  feedback and encouragement, I never once thought about stopping what I was doing, but in times of others strongly suggesting with their words and actions that maybe I should stood, by me  anyway.  Closer to Lola is celebrating  turning one today because of all of you.   It is just a little blog, but I’m proud of it and I’m glad you like it too.

Recently while finally venting out loud all at once about my work situation it became clear to me that having a plan and goals are important.  My plan for the blog is this, I’ll write when I get the urge because I enjoy it, but there won’t be any kind of promised schedule.   I chose twice a week in the beginning because I knew once a week would be AD stuff and I wanted to be sure there was at least one post a week  completely unrelated to all of that glorious train wreck.   It was a buffer for you and a sanity saver for me.  That journey is long over so I don’t feel that buffer is needed any longer.

Whoever you are, where ever you are, I hope this post finds you better than you were a year ago today!  I hope you’ll still be with me when Closer to Lola turns two.




Thanks 27: Project Management: aka What I do for a living

Happy Tuesday Lovies. I’m headed to a seminar for work so I have an entire almost hourish to bang this out this morning before I head out to  a fun day of hearing how much bigger the 4 year project  at work I’ve been Program Managing is than we think it is.  Hope your weekend was fabulous and this week is bringing great things in spite of the crappy cold dark grey rainy weather we are currently enjoying here in the midwest. I often get asked what it is I do for a living.   I work full time, as in 45+hours as week. I just am lucky enough to be able to do a lot of it from home.  This makes my schedule flexible and also allows me to stay in touch with my stay at home friends.   I am a project manager and I LOVE it!

#27: Project Management ala Arthur Christmas

I am thankful for project management today.    I wish I knew PM existed when I was in college, I would of most certainly majored in it.  Never has there been a career more suited to  the strengths of my personality than a PM.   I still remembering discovering this wonderful thing existed and entire industries revolved around it.   If  you have seen Arthur Christmas  in the first scene when they do the first Christmas drop and all the ninja elves are moving in precision for their individual tasks.  Steve, Santa’s eldest son, is managing the command center. They report back to him  and he makes adjustments accordingly. Steve, is Project Managing that mission. His Project is delivery of all the toys to all the girls and boys.  The elves know what they are supposed to do and are the experts at their individual jobs.  But they rely on Steve to place some structure around the whole thing.   He provides the organization, monitoring and control.   If you added  heading the planning of the entire project and various other negotiating, deflecting, and defusing tasks you would have the makings of my job.  I perform these tasks inside the pressure cooker of a large organization in an industry where the Government not only shows up for  regular audits at all 14 facilities, but also quite often dictates what  work we will be doing and when we will  finish…or else.   I don’t know for sure what happens in or else, because in the 10 years I’ve been running regulatory projects I have yet to miss a deadline.    That sounds all braggy to everyone except the people I work with because they know that the government also does a fair bit of changing their minds and giving everyone more time because no one is going to be  ready when they said we should be.   The government could use more Program Managers like me.    A program is a grouping of more than one project that somehow fit together logically or technically.    Like if maybe you divided all the countries into projects and they sat under the umbrella of  the program managed by Steve.  Each country would have different traditions and so the elf play book if you will would be slightly different.   I’m almost done with Arthur Christmas  references I swear.    Overall  Steve was a really good PM, though he sucked as a person for most of the movie in typical family movie fashion he and the other jerks pulled it out of their butts in the end and saw the error of their ways.

I am a certified Project Management Professional or PMP. The  Husband says I’m a PiMP.  This means that I applied for the right to take a test given by the Project Management Institute.  Yes, you have to fill out an application and ASK to be able to sit for the exam.  They have a long list of requirements, education and experience minimums etc that you must meet.   After that you are basically training yourself to memorize the PM bible the PMBOK or Project Management Book of Knowledge.   This book changes from time to time as it is peer reviewed and written, if the industry changes it changes  in response somehow.   I took an expensive class while I was pregnant with The Destroyer to study for this exam.   It lasted about 12 weeks and comprised about 4+ hours of study in between classes, those hours climbed the closer to the end of class we got.  It was probably a lot like what being in grad School is like, only I just had to do it until I passed the test.  After the class and about 300 hours of studying I sat down at a testing center very early on morning in the 7 month of my pregnancy and passed that bitch in about 90-140 minutes with an 89%.   When I took it you got 4 hours, and it was several hundred questions.  I had a good class, I had good materials that taught me to train my brain to give the PMBOK answer, not the REAL WORLD answer, and I’ve always been pretty chill about tests.  I feel like once i get to the test point I either know it or I don’t, why stress.

The principles of Project Management can be applied to almost any area of your life, including relationships.   Not from a task master standpoint, from a planning, monitoring and making adjustments (controlling) standpoint.   In fact this is a topic than Vin Deisel and I have discussed at length, and before I decided to write this blog we toyed around with doing a joint blog about Relationships and Project Management. With each of us contributing for a male and female point of view.  I don’t know that we will ever take the plunge and do that, but I do know that VinD and I will most assuredly work together again at  some point in our careers.

Now it’s time to head out to my seminar for the day!