Zinnia <3’s Sunflower; updated 10/09

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The friendship/lovestory continues for the Zinnia and the Sunflower.  I found them in my garden down by the bird feeder on July 27. And I’ve been watching every day since.

08/19- Well clearly it hasn’t been every day at this point.  The Zinnia is in the making seeds from its cone stage and the Sunflower has grown quite tall and is making blooms presently.    This photo journey is starting to look kind of cool.

09/02- The first Zinnia is still make seeds, but there are two more Zinnia friends entwined with the big guy. He is HUGE now and has bloomed on his main head.

10/09- Most of the sunflowers down in that garden fell over in a big storm we had two weeks ago.  The big guy is still standing and making seeds with his largest bloom head.  Zinnias are still going strong.  I actually need to cut some today and bring them in one last time while leaving enough to provide new Zinnias next year.   I’m considering leaving the stem carcasses there throughout the winter for additional pics.  We shall see if the weather cooperates.