Woke up with a big hairy man

Badger sleeping with Mommy. Kids picked out all my gifts. Cheesing
it for the kids. Not bad for a day shy of 42. Here’s to another year of the fabulous 40’s.






The little things make my heart swell

My heart grows 3x larger when I catch the animals and kids  in moments like this.

Badger guarding MiniMe in the guest room this morning, she slept there last night because I am still working on her memo walls.

The Destroyer (allergic to cats), using the mitt used to dry the dog’s paws, to pet 13 (won’t make 14) year old George because he  wanted to give his kitty some extra love while he  still could.

The amazing thing about this scene is not so much The Destroyer using the mitt to pet him, it’s George eating it up like this is normal.

The Manson Lamps show his normal and true demeanor.  He’s turning into an old softy in his senior citizen years, I’m really going to miss the crotchety pain in the ass when he’s gone.

I don’t know what you people are talking about


I’m not hot at all!

#photoadayjune 25 something cute


It’s his summer cut.

#photoadayapril 28 1:00 pm


It’s quiet around here this afternoon.