Respect the Run: Kicked the 15k’s a$$, BTW I chafed my gooch & I <3 female runners, and Babu

The SIL asked what “HAM”  was, it’s “Hard as a Mofo” from this..

We are going to start today’s post out with some TMI. We haven’t nearly enough TMI since the AD story finished and I for one, think we are WAY past due.  This morning, while I was kicking the ass of a 15k I was afraid of less than 12 hours ago, I chafed my gooch.  Yes, my  gooch, my taint, that very tender narrow pass between your honey boo boo and where your dude is always trying to put it.   I know you are asking “how do you know?”. I know because when I went to lower myself gingerly without any cussing and settle demurely in the ice bath my brain promised my muscles at mile 8.0 if  they would just go “HAM” for the next 20 minutes it would reward them with a luxurious 20 minutes in freezing  cold water.  You laugh at this run on  of all run on sentences, but I’m  not done with this run on thought so the joke is on you…Ha!  The kind of freezing cold water that starts to give you hypothermia, the kind of freezing cold water that I must sometimes  scooch my toes all the way out as far as I can, but only as far as to still be covering my big toe knuckle thingy where it joins my foot, which BTW always leaves my pinkie toe still mostly submerged. I worry about what this says of the freakishness of my feet and toes, as my feet and toes are in my opinion fat, pudgy and ugly, and I feel yucky about them only slightly more so than my ankles.  They are the yin to the yang of my narcissistic obsession with my glorious naturally curly hair and light greenish/brownish but mostly green eyes.  Oh crap,  we are back to my eyes and hair and off my gooch.  Back to my gooch.  I know I chafed my gooch because as I was lowering myself into previously mentioned ice bath i felt that horrible awful stinging of water on chafed skin.  You may also recognize this as what it felt like when you nursed and got a chafed nipple and didn’t figure it out until you went to get your once every 3-4 days shower for 5 minutes of the baby isn’t crying time.  It’s.. i kind even describe it.  Remember those Indian Sissy Burns  we used to give ourselves with pencil erasers as kids? It Feels like that only multiplied by a factor of  some sort of equation of the size of the burn times the area the burn is in.  Oh? You never did that as a kid? Well then I feel badly for you because now you don’t know  what  chafing feels like.  IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately chafing is also one of those runner injury badass mofo thing that no one tells you about until you get one for the first time and wonder WTF do I have cancer? For the record,  this did not happen to my but to a runner buddy in our Y training group.  When I got my first chafing injury I knew EXACTLY what it was. I nursed two children on one boob.   That is why one is about a full cup size bigger than the other one. It’s one of those weird quirks of my breast besides their size that made them so “popular” on the internet. Oh look it’s the trifecta, I have now mentioned my hair, eyes and boobs. Let me throw in that I am putting bling jeans on my ass and shaking it tonight t o close out the four horsemen of the Lolapocalypse and then I promise to stick to mundane running parts from now on.  As soon as I am done talking about my gooch,  I am almost done I promise.  Chafing happens to men and women runners and can crop up in the oddest of places. I get it often on the underside of my arm or arms where t-shirt or my running band rub. It can crop up on your inner thighs when you wear a running skirt, unless you have factory air/hardwood floors, and if you do I salute you and covet your well shaped legs and ass.  I don’t think I had factory air when I was 17 and weighed 121 pounds.  The good news is they make a great product called Body Glide that you can rub on all of those tender vulnerable areas and voila, no chafing.  I go through about a stick a season. I pick them up for about $6-10 at the Dick’s or local running store.  If you, like me, forget to use the Body Glide and wear a pair of newer pants you have only previously put 4 miles in, just put Aquaphor on the affected area until it heals. DO NOT RUB LOTION ON IT!!!!!!!!!!   And that Lovies, ends the first TMI portion of my running post today.

I woke up  over and hour early for the 15K race today. 4;45 am, on the dot.  I do it before almost every single big event  morning of my life.  It seems to be my body clock’s panic alarm clock base time.  I stayed calm and followed my ritual for when this happens.  I kept my eyes closed, worked on relaxing and stretching my legs. I tried to breath deeply and just rest, not obsess about going back to sleep.  I trained myself to do this when the kids were babies. I should say I  MiniMe trained me to be this way she she was a horrific not ever sleepy always pissed off infant.  I think some parents call that colic, In our house we called it 2 hour shifts so the baby doesn’t die and/or the parent literally loses sanity.  I also used this time to have a BGP talk with myself about the Race. It was only a race. I will be running 10,0 on Wednesday. I get to earn an ice bath. Hey maybe my legs aren’t as tight as they have been. I will run the whole thing. i am not sick so it can’t be as bad as the 10K.  etc…  It must of worked because when I got up I felt pretty alert and not too stumbly.  I made my waffle,  drank about 16oz of water, got dressed and started to stretch. Babu and I picked up bibs on Thursday so we weren’t leaving until about 1:15 before the race. I drank my Herbalife Prolong pre workout drink thing, another 16 ounces on the way there and about 30 minutes before the race I ate a packet of Cherry Beans with Caffeine.  I stretched more right in the garage and before the race as we lined up, When we started  I felt pretty good. I  would say I felt great, but I was hypersensitive to my legs and probably cost myself a good 20% in confidence.   On this course we always get a point within a mile or so in where one of the loops has the  race leaders running. As soon I see them I get goose bumps every time.  They are easily on mile 4ish. the race time was 17:xx in. Seventeen minutes and they have completed the first loop.  As soon as I see them I start looking for the first girl. because sooner than some jack hole around me every time thinks, there is going to be one soon.  And she is going to be in front of plenty of men who are also seriously fast.  As soon as I see her i get  overwhelmed with emotion, every single time.  As soon as I see one I start to look for more, as the packs come racing past my  barely sub 12:00 pace each one will be filled with more and more girls.  There are some seriously committed athletes in those packs.  I’m not saying I’m a running slouch, but you don’t get to that pace without dedicating yourself to the training required to make your body, your heart, and your lungs obtain and maintain that  speed over distance.  Each time I see those glorious role models of this sport I am so absolutely insanely in love with I get so filled with emotion I start to cry a little bit.  I might have tears just writing about it now. I start to tear up and my pace starts to pick up. I start to run faster and faster and my will, which is 70% of the running battler, is buoyed by their mere presence.  I’m the crazy curly haired chubby older lady screaming “GET IT GIRL” at that first female runner every single time.  I want her to know what she and every one of those ladies behind her do for me.  They help me run faster and stick it  to that one due in every race, without fail, you gets all offended when I am outrunning him and suddenly starts pumping up his game to keep up or catch up.  Every time without fail we leave him in the dust.  Babu gets the biggest kick out of it and has started pointing them out to me when he finds them. He found today’s dude and started laughing. “he’s worried about you”, he told me.

Today’s Mantra was “Get This”, ” I Got This” and a lot of ” It’s just a little hill, it will all be over soon”. We ran well and hard mile after mile. I had to pee at Mile 2,  we got water and did the swish and spit. I allow myself to walk for water and I just kept pretending I only had to run to the next check point and I could get a little break.  I wanted to run well today.  I wanted a sub 12:00 race.  within 4-5 miles it looked very  possible.  When I was able to hold to mile 8 I just knew I could put in the  work to get 20 more minutes out of my body and get to the 9.6 before 2 hours.  Babu was an amazing runny partner this morning. No spats and he did a good job of keeping an eye on my pace. He is always the one who snaps me out of my first female runner crazy emotion driven super fast pace.  You’re running way outside your pace is his cue for that one.  He was pushing me today and I knew it. I didn’t mind because he has to downgrade his pace  to stay with me and that is actually more work for him than running at his naturally faster pace.   My internal goal has always been that I would grow and strengthen as a runner to get to a 9 minute mile over a 13.1.  That would be nirvana for me.  At mile 8.o I promised my muscles an ice bath if they went “HAM” for me  for the next 20 minutes and helped us to finish with a pace under 12:00.   They did.   We  rocked that run.  That is the longest I have ever run without doing any walking.  I’m no longer afraid of the 10.0 on Wednesday.

I Hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend  Lovies. I’m going to take a nap and go listen to a band play with SIL, Baker and Fun Size later.

Almost Divorce- Part 38 Communication

This story is concluding today.  You can start at the beginning here.  The timeline is  here.

I think some people in my life think Babu and I just jumped back into being together, that I lost Paul, immediately begged Babu to take me back, and that he just stupidly and willingly came.   This used to bother me slightly because I was still carrying around the new shame of the whole ordeal, now it just makes me laugh.    Let me write it out for you another time, it would have been emotionally easier to simply go on and get divorced. That printed out; ready for the notary Divorce Decree was the weapon of choice in those first weeks when we didn’t know what we wanted to do.

It’s time to revisit communication.  First let’s review.  Remember way back in something like Part 2 when I said that I should of run to Babu and poured my heart completely out about what I was going through and the emotionally issues it was  causing?   I’ve mentioned the hours and hours of awful conversation we had as we started down this journey, all that time spent discussing one yucky situation after another.  We collectively smoked through a pack a day because of all the time we spent in the garage having Mommy and Daddy are going to go in the garage and talk time while the children literally ran amok inside the house.

After we spent a weekend together at the Chateau, we came home and went back to our regularly scheduled lives as separate people.   We still switched the kids on Fridays after school; the opposite parent still had dinner with the kids on Tuesday’s.   We did  make an effort to talk more about what was happening to us,  and to spend more time together as a couple and as a family.  What this looked like to the kids was small things like Mommy being invited to dinner at Daddy’s house and vice versa, or the babysitter coming so Mommy and Daddy could go out.   We didn’t talk to the kids about what any of it meant, or act like it was anything special, we just did it.  We also took a lot of time during those visits to engage in many conversations of varying degrees of emotional discomfort and potentially explosive results.

When we were ruining our marriage and getting divorced we went through lots of anger and yelling, had heart baring, gut wrenching talks.  We learned through all of that practice to get better.   We had no choice  if we were going to become any kind of amicable co parents and all of that drama of our journey helped to teach us how.    Now that we were trying to figure out if we wanted to be a couple again we had to sit down and have more of those talks.   Two people who only weeks ago were ready to move on had to sit down and re-hash their separation, what we learned about ourselves, each other, our relationship.   It was like we were attacking it on two fronts.  Offensively with things like both of us writing down what kind of relationship we want (with anyone) and then meeting to discuss and share. Then the defenses of  anger, grief and confusion that arose when things like: I realized I never tried anything new and when I did I was a douche about it, so while we were separated I hung out with this friend girl and did all this amazing shit I’d never do with you; or how many guys did you sleep with were addressed.   This wasn’t 2 high school kids getting back together after a stupid fight about what Betty said in the lunch room, this was a 12 year relationship that was ripped apart in an amicable but deep and ugly fashion, scars were being reopened, new wounds were being drawn, we still had the “Fuck you, I’ll sign those papers right now and meet you at the bank at noon and we will get divorced anyway”.    We both pulled that line MORE than once before we realized if we were going to have any chance, we had to take that card off the table.  I’d end up divorcing him on proving I don’t bluff alone and that would certainly have been obstinate and stupid stubborn.   We didn’t do anything about the filing, but we had to remove it from our conversation.  Removing it from the conversation forced us both back to  communicating emotionally uncomfortable things  in an as safe and open and environment as we could provide for each other.   My opinion is this communication intimacy is the inner glue that keeps any relationship together.  Intimacy deeper  than just I know a lot about the other person and how their mind works,   what is really in their heart, what are their triggers and issues.   True intimacy allows you to communicate the scariest thing you can imagine and trusting that no matter how awful it is, sharing the fearlessly be yourself  BGP truth of it and trusting that the other person is engaged, committed and capable of loving you in spite of whatever it is. You become a team that sharpens each other, trusts each other, knows when to let each other be and holds each other up in times of need.    True intimacy requires the not always pleasant truth.  I have some level of this intimacy with many of my Besties. There is no relationship more important to have this in than with the person you plan on making a life and children with. I have close to 12 years of marriage in and I will tell you that life and children will do everything they can to tear you apart.   They say pick a mate that is easy to be with in the beginning because “they” know it gets a lot harder as time and life changes are added. The stakes are greater and Babu and I both seem to understand that now.

We baby stepped our way through week after week, then month after  month until one week he went for a visit to Florida and when he got home he came to the house and never left.  Eventually he made the decision to let the apartment go and move all of the displaced stuff back home.  I’ve mentioned some of the miss-steps and distractions of our reconciliation path before. The first year was a little bit of a roller coaster, but we got through it, each on our own, as a couple and as a family.   We are not perfect people, we don’t have a perfect marriage, our family has flaws, but we work to be engaged, committed and capable of loving each other to keep that intimacy glue strong in our marriage.  This doesn’t mean we go around having these kinds of talks all the time these days, or that when we do they are as emotionally charged or as yucky as those from our almost divorce.  Lives  always have set backs but are not always in a state of crisis.

I think we have reasonably reached the end of our story Lovies.  Never one to close a door, I may write an epilogue or random AD post from time to time if I  have something I need to say or add.  Thanks for reading it, I hope you laughed, learned, and loved.

Who coined BGP for me? Righteous Momma did!!!

Happy Monday Lovies!  I’ve really been enjoying participating in the Photo a Day Challenge for February created by Fat Mum Slim.  It’s fairly quick and easy to do because it takes a lot less time to follow a pre- ordained theme and snap a few pictures than it does to write a post.   Yesterday she released the themes for  March  and I had to stop and think.

Am I going to keep doing this photo a day thing?   I’m not a photographer by trade or hobby. I haven’t taken daily pictures since the Gonewild days and though I enjoy coming up with ways to capture the theme, it seems a little silly to keep doing it if I’m not going to  grow  or make it more meaningful somehow.  I’m only using my iPhone and instagram  even though Babu got me a new point and click camera for Christmas.  Should I maybe work to get technically better at photography if I’m going to keep taking daily pics? I haven’t written nearly as much since I embarked on this project and though I like providing daily, quick content , it isn’t nearly as satisfying as sharing my writing with you.   The AD story is in the reconciliation phase and isn’t going to last forever. If anything ever develops on the Paul  front I would probably write about it, but this isn’t a movie and there is no big movie gesture coming so  the subject  is  drying up and folding  into my life.   I’ve got plenty of other things I write about, but do I really  have time to commit to pics daily and writing 2-3 times a week?  I was working through all of these things in my head last night as I was falling asleep when it hit me,  what if I tried to take  some of the photos and after I post them for the day, expand upon them and tell a story?   As it just so happens today’s photo is a perfect example of how I can do that.  I’m going to tell you the story of how the phrase BGP came into my life!

About 6 years ago when  The Destroyer was a tiny baby and I was much fatter I started  looking for local Mommies Groups to join.  Now most of these groups are predominantly for Stay at Home Mom’s, of which I am most assuredly not.   So I had to find a group or groups that were working mom friendly, and it was harder than you’d think.   Also once I’d find one,  I had to try to work their events into my schedule, determine if there was anyone I clicked with etc.   Not to mention that running a Mom’s group is pretty much a thankless job and bitches are catty, so  even if I found a group I liked, it didn’t always stay in existence or active as long as I’d like.   So sometimes I would be in 2 or 3 at once  as I navigated my way through the world of Mommy groups.

If you only know me through reading this blog or you don’t yet know me very well in real life you may be under the mistaken assumption that I go though life with my  IDGAF ( I don’t give a fuck)  if you like me amour permanently on.  Let me tell you this is absolutely not the case.   My, and I think most girls, preference is to be liked, to click with other girls and to have  that initial click grow into a meaningful relationship.   The truth is not everyone can like you, nor probably should they.  As I have gotten older I’ve become much more comfortable with  that realization,  what other people think of you does not define who you are to anyone but them.    If I care about you I absolutely care about what you think, I want your honest call bullshit opinion about things.  If I don’t, well you are more than welcome to your opinion and to  however strong your feelings about your opinion are.  I’m not about to tell you how you should feel, only that if you’re hating you may want to find a better more productive outlet because hating is a lot  of work and it’s sad that you spend time poisoning yourself and/or others on my account.

How does this tie in with joining new mommy groups? Well duh,  when you are putting your self out there to a bunch of new people,  you certainly  hope it is an enjoyable experience, not a sucky one.   When I joined Righteous Momma’s group I went to   1 or 2 events before it became obvious that this one bitch was seriously HATING on me.  As in being obviously mean and trying to be a bully directly to me.   I think she was jealous or alpha or whatever, but it became a, she was causing drama about me problem, and I was the NEW GIRL!!  I didn’t let her bully me, but I didn’t get in the bitches face either because I was the new girl.   I won’t go into the drama bitchy girl details, but the way it worked out was Righteous Momma called me or we ended up at an event where Bitchy wasn’t there and all the details came out.   Turns out Bitchy had been causing a lot of other drama as well and Righteous reserved judgement on me until she got to know me better, and when she did she liked me.   She is a prime example of fearlessly be yourself and she  recognized that in me.  She also recognized my  BGP attitude.   So Bitchy left the group and I stayed and made some friends I still have today .    Her group  fizzled but one of its main tenants was basically no drama and no bull shit.  Put on your Big Girl Panties and own it. It was like God shined down from heaven and put words on how I think  we all should conduct ourselves. I  adopted the mantra and I have been seeking to live it to the fullest ever since.   I can’t remember if I or Righteous added Big Boy Boxers to that mantra but I have  ingrained it into my life and  I seek to spread it to others as much as possible.   Nothing bad can come from putting on the BGP and owning it. And if something bad does come of it, you will get through it, but it all starts with finding them, putting them on and seeking the fullest extent of ownership you are currently capable of.   The flip side of that is learning to still love and forgive yourself when you can’t find them, or don’t want to put them on.  We all go through times like that.  Just keep trying 🙂 ❤

Love you Righteous Momma and now I have given you the rightful credit for bringing the mantra into my life!

#febphotoaday 20 Handwriting


My handwriting is not nearly all that. So I kept it short. I’ll be writing about this mantra later. Happy Monday Lovies!!!

Almost Divorce Part 34- All you need to know about sociopaths

This series is  published no less than once a week on Thursday’s.  Or you can start at the beginning here

A timeline can be found here.

This post could also be titled,  Living well is the best revenge.

Let’s see where were we? Oh yes, darkness to day.   It’s August 25 2010 and I am numb with grief.  Life must go on as it always does when things come to an end, and as I stumble through it  my mind is racing with thoughts of PJ.  Realizations are hitting me both in a slow creep and a massive stab to the heart.   My body has been trained to  melt with lust when it thinks of him and my heart was so hopeful that things were going to be ok.  It’s a combination of;  Ok then, let’s pick ourselves up and move on, who was that masked man, and OMG WTF just happened to me.   My soul needs to make sense of this, but as Tab told me, Sociopaths don’t make sense.  I am alternating waiting for the other shoe to drop in his return and explanation and knowing that he is never ever ever ever ever ever coming back.  Yep, mission accomplished, I am thoroughly mind fucked.   I go through all the stages of grief, sometimes weaving in and out of one to the other and back again.   I can only assume since he is choosing not to prove his innocence as quickly as possible that he is indeed guilty.  But of what? Which things were lies and which things were truth?  And then the hits start coming, sometimes it’s many in a day, sometimes it’s not for a few days.

The first hit: He owns a hand gun. He knows where I live. He has talked about putting me in his pit and joked on more than one occasion about chloroform.  I don’t feel safe. That is such a great feeling to have when you are sleeping alone in a 5 bedroom house. At least I had benefit of an alarm system, a dog and good friends. Nothing like the first thought of your ex being concern that he is going to actually harm you. That felt great.

My previously mentioned emergency counseling session with Tab yields the following nuggets and to do’s.

  • I have to create an answer I can live with
  • I need to remember what I know about me, just because he did this doesn’t mean I’m not who I am.
  • I have been violated and it is simply just not fair
  • Suffering tempers us, ruin paves the way for transformation.  In hind sight this is absolutely true and I would not be where I am in this moment, if PJ hadn’t done what he did.  I am a better woman with a better marriage.
  • My wondering=he wins.
  • Maybe he truly was just that afraid.   I have to find the pieces that fit.

So a few short days after he is gone I sit down one night and put on the BGP.  I  have spent 48 hours spinning and in reviewing the last few weeks before he vanished it is clear to me that the end was near and he was leaving clues. It is clear even that short time later that he   is a sociopath and is likely married or at the very least has a girlfriend.  So many little things all fit together and make sense now.  My heart was in ruins, I wondered if I would have to go back to my husband simply because I would never be able to trust another man again.   That sure sounded like a solid plan to reconciliation. That last sentence is sarcasm in case you people haven’t figured out when I’m kidding yet.  I was pissed because I have more work to do and I’m fucking tired of doing work on myself. It is hard and exhausting. Some part of me promptly rejects the sociopath explanation because I don’t want it to be true.  I  know now that it is. I’ve come to that conclusion and acceptance of the conclusion. I have forgiven myself and Paul Jay Mathis.

By the  third or so day the reality of the situation and what it may have cost starts to set in.   I haven’t asked my ex if he is  still interested in reconciliation because we were HOURS away from divorce when all of this went down.   He may not agree to go back to marriage counseling, he may not agree to anything. I could be looking at a zero sum game here and I don’t even know what I want to do yet.

Here are some things I learned about Sociopaths based on my internet reading and one book I checked out of the library. I want to say the premier author on this subject is Martha White, but I’m not writing a term paper so I’m not bothering to look it up again. The information I found was very enlightening and helpful. And also very scary. I have an real life PJ example I could give you for almost every one of these things. Many of these are direct quotes from my reading.

  • 1 out of every 25 people are Sociopaths, scary isn’t it.
  • Sociopaths have no conscience, they cannot distinguish between right and wrong.
  • They don’t EVER actually feel remorse or bad about what they do, they learn to fake it along with faking other emotions like sadness or love.
  • They are often VERY good at faking it, often enigmatic, beautiful, sexy,  successful people.
  • They know when they are doing it that they do not love you, they are incapable of love.
  • They are certified monsters, once their magic has had its effect there is only you and GOD left to pull out of that hole. TRUE DAT.
  • They are not working with all their marbles, but often you feel like to admit such is to admit you are  missing marbles too. This one totally explained why I felt CRAZY all the time when I was with him.   He once told me,  Oh i’m crazy doll, you know that.  It was August when he told me that.
  •  Knowing that  you will always return to them is what gives them a kick.
  • They keep asking for another chance
  • Control is their drug, it drives them it is like cocaine in their system and they need a victim.
  • They are pathological liars, who are impulsive and tend to be alcoholics or drug abusers
  • They claim crying
  • In the back of your mind you know something is wrong, very wrong
  •  Do you think you’re in a never ending cycle of pain, where you feel as if you can’t free yourself of the relationship?  Why yes, thank you very much I do!!!!
  • You love him, can’t live without him, but being with him is one of the greatest tortures you’ve ever known.
  • Vulnerable, single or divorcing/ed women are their PRIME TARGETS!!!!!!!!
  • They have antisocial tendencies
  • They can’t hold down a steady job.
  • They suffer from low self esteem.
  • They have been the victim of many situations, if not all
  • They want you to feel as low as they feel about themselves and worse
  • Being with them is mental horror and abuse
  • If you are lonely and needy you are a big target, you are the only one who udnerstands him now
  • Seldom admits they have a problem
  • Low grade sociopaths start around age 15

So here is the deal. I am going to finish up this post about PJ and  then we are not talking about him again.  At least not in detail.  We are going to focus on my reconciliation and then we will be done with this story.

I cried and thought my way through September, October, and  November about him.  The first Tuesday in December 2010,  I was walking into or out of work, and I was having a conversation with God.  As my feet hit the pavement I was demanding that GOD bring him back and make him look me in the eye and give me an explanation.  I got home from picking MiniMe up from Girl Scouts that night to an IM  informing me that PJ had shown up in  Skype.  I almost puked, but I held it together long enough to have a knee jerk reaction and request him as a contact, with a simple It is about time comment.  Roughly 3 days later he accepted that contact request and then NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO SAY.  I was told, but did not see that he actually went into chat one day and cammed up. I was told he was given a less than friendly reception from those that knew him.  I had told more than a few people what happened. I started my 2nd chat career out of chasing PJ into chat that December.   And I didn’t get out again until  right before Memorial Day 2011. I thought about him every single one of those days and wondered if he was lurking in chat and watching me.   The Big Guy happened in that time  space and he was my rebound online relationship. As in replacing old memories with new ones, rebound relationship.  I will not be giving any details about  The Big Guy or any insight into that relationship or my feeling about it or him.   I will simply tell you that my 2nd chat career ended when I….recognized that I wanted to be done with all of the bullshit and actually start some serious work to heal properly, decided to end it with  The Big Guy when it became apparent that he didn’t understand no meant no and didn’t care to bother owning his actions.  The same night I ended it,  The Husband found out about him, but he understood that The Big Guy was merely a symptom of chasing after Paul.  We came away from that set back  and that part of our story in is our past.   I’m a very lucky, very grateful woman.  I could be in  dead in a pit right now. Instead I am very much alive and writing this blog for your entertainment and education.

Living well is the best revenge and I am most certainly choosing to live well

More to come soon Lovies.