About Lola

Me 9-29-12

Hey there Lovies, I’m Laura.  Lola is my nickname and these are the stories of my life.  I live in Hamilton County Indiana in a  suburb of Indianapolis;  the middle of the United States in an affluent county that has good schools and been in various top places to live rankings.   I have a B.A. and a PMP and I work as a Project Manager in a sector of business that is highly regulated.

I write to love, laugh, ponder, grow, vent, teach, heal and share. I do this in an often raw, intense, brutally honest, rambling fashion.  My vision is you should  love yourself enough to fearlessly be you. Put on your BGP and own your life.  Most of the crazy stories on this blog are examples of me trying, sometimes very badly, to accomplish exactly that.   I run half marathons and cuss too much.   I can’t type for crap.  I say things exactly as I see them, and I am incapable of telling a short story.     I like most people and can usually find something good in everything. I completely believe that how the world sees you is a direct correlation to how you feel about and carry yourself.  The right attitude goes with everything.  I have an amazing group of friends and acquaintances from all walks of life and thought schemes. I love my inner circle fiercely.   I do a lot of laughing at myself, thanking God for the blessings in my life, and I always try to wear my own BGP.  I’m a girl, so sometimes I am a crazy bitch. No one is strong and fabulous ALL the time.   I’m in my 40′s now and I’m striving to live my life in the moment,  actively create the life I’d like to live, and have a look back at what I’ve blazed so far, sharing as much love, humor and wisdom as I can. I’m at closertolola@gmail.com.

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