Saying Goodbye

It was a sad day here at the Lola house because George died. That cat was a giant pain in my ass, but God I loved his crotchety little furry butt. He had a meow that sounded just like Mama. He only entertained petting if you did it while he ate by rubbing his ears and cheeks. He’d take a bite or two and pretend to eat but he was really just sitting there letting you pet him. He sat on every single one of my dining room chairs covered in designer fabric rather than picking just one chair. He and Dresden thought they were some kind of cat/dog combo brother sister species. It took him 18+ months to warm up to Badger. When Capers died via drowning in the icy March pond behind our first house he sat at the back door just sad and looking out the window for his best big brother for two+ days. He was a big cat in his prime, and he would of been bigger had he not licked his furry little balls right in front of Babu and I on the dining room table during dinner one night. We had to change his name from Chleo to George after his first vet visit. We named him George because Dres had already adopted him like some kind of stuffed toy. And finally, that damn cat pulled the cute kitty move in the cage at Petsmart, but once we got him in the box, he bit and clawed his way out and gave us the Manson Lamps…for the rest if his life! Good bye Georgie, we miss you and tell Dresden Mommy misses her every day.



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