Friday Ramblings


So my yard feels like Las Vegas.  Dry heat and temps above 100.  From the looks of the national weather map the rest of you are having your own set of issues.  I’ll only state that I knew this was coming when we had that super nice mild winter and I hope the world isn’t drying permanently up because that would kind of really suck.   The watering is limited to the gardens, the front lawn and anything that might die soon if it doesn’t get a little water.    Fingers crossed my budget holds out long enough to keep watering the vegetables so we actually get some.


I am quitting the photo a day at the end of June, tomorrow.  I wanted to bail at least three times this month.   The concept is neat, the execution was fun for the first couple of months, but now it’s just one more thing I HAVE to do on my mental list.  It also has started making me feel narcissist and vacuous.    Being forced to take a picture of my bathroom sounded like fun in month 1 , but 5 months later as the nail on the proverbial coffin of my adventures in photo a day.  I only have to get through a friend and I’m free!!   I like taking photos and I’ve started paying  attention and playing with composition more in the last 5 months so I may or may not take better pictures now.   Either way,  I’m off that.


I have managed to squeeze out 3 training runs in the last  week. One was the local 5K that the whole family ran in. I found out I can switch the Rock N Rock In Chicago to a 5k vs. the  13.1, b/c I’m not quite crazy enough to run a 13.1 with limited training, and I still get a medal!  I  found someone to put up with my mouth and my pace a few times a week so we can run safely and my body is kind of mad at me for continuing with this whole running business. It apparently thought we were off that.


Lots to update here, met with Psychiatrist; where adults with ADHD are sent because it is so behavior driven I imagine. Lots to think about as far as drug choices and other health choices and treatment goes.  I am very intrigued at all the things I do that are  ADHD related, that I always just thought were a  self- restraint issue with me. I guess they still are , just not for the reasons I imagined.  This whole ADHD adventure is really a trippy POV changer about more than a few things outside of myself.

It’s as close to 4th of July Weekend as we are going to get Lovies, I hope you have a great one!

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