Adventures in make-up with MiniBoobs

Happy Friday Lovies, the one year anniversary of Closer to Lola is coming on June 10.   As a thank you for fact that people still read this thing  my plan is to write a post every day leading up to the big day.  This is also partially to make -up for making you put up with 4 months of pic a day and very little  actual writing.  I enjoy the photo a day, don’t get me wrong, but I started this blog to write, and that is where I get the most enjoyment and fulfillment of my time and emotional energy.

I got to see MiniBoobs earlier this week while she was working and I was picking up conditioner. The store was a little quiet so we got to run around it without too many interruptions and she even had time to pick out new eyeshadow and liner for me and show me how to put it on by doing one eye for me and letting me do the other one.  I’ve missed her and we rarely get any alone time, so this was a great  boost for my day. She got called in when she wasn’t supposed to work and I just stopped in with hope she’d be there.  She’d even almost texted me.  I love it when the universe delivers Love in the form of time spent huddled together with a friend.

If you have ever met my friend MiniBoobs the first thing that will strike you is how absolutely timeless gorgeous she is.  The second is how much she is like me in the loud and funny department. She has this very severe short pixie hair cut, and huge eyes that  are always spectacularly made up with the most brilliant colors.   She works at Ulta so she doesn’t go insane running a household and chasing after 2 young boys, what she doesn’t know it is is clearly her calling.   I love MiniBoobs for many reasons, but I am just simply flat out in awe of her ability with make-up. I have always seen myself as a make-up idiot, i didn’t get much teaching and I am not very creative.

So imagine my surprise a few weekends ago  when I got a compliment on how great my make-up looked for GNO.

“You should be a make-up artist, your make-up always looks so good”, Blondie told me and Fun Size chimed in with total agreement.  I’m pretty sure this is all owed to MiniBoobs and Sugar  Baby as they have single handedly changed my relationship with make-up and how to put it on.  Sugar Baby is another friend of ours who has tits the size of watermelons ( hence my nicknaming her Sugar Baby) and knows her way around a make-up bag, that girl can also put me into a bra and make my tits look like rock stars, but I digress, make-up;  a little history.

I grew up with a step-mom I’ve had since I was three, she isn’t girly or very naturally emotionally inclined to anything remotely resembling open and loving.   She has her  own demons and I’m pretty sure she still battles them on a regular basis, I wouldn’t really know for certain b/c after the last bi-polar induced tirade that was for the first time directed at my own daughter, I stopped talking to her unless required by common decency and moral high ground.   I’m old enough to know when to quit hoping a relationship will ever be anything other than what it is.  I’ve enjoyed almost 2 years of little to no contact with her or my two younger brothers, and I have to tell you I’m not missing it all that much.  But anwyay, when I was in roughly the 8th grade I wanted to start wearing make-up.   I started my 4th grade year with a group of kids I stayed with until the end of high school. This one cute girl had boobs and was wearing full make-up by then. It wasn’t over done, but she also had a never ending supply of great clothes and I was trying to get by in the 5th grade on 3 pairs of pants, one of which was my green girl scout pants for my uniform.  I’m NOT MAKING THIS UP. I had 3 pairs of pants to wear for 5 days of school and the 2 pairs that weren’t green were hand me down chinos from a cousin.  I’m pretty sure we had the money to properly outfit me as my brothers seemed to have everything THEY needed.  At that age I had already chalked it up to the bitch hated me and I hated her ( my step-mother) and I was laying the foundation for picking myself up and fearlessly being myself.   This is why that drive is so unbreakable in me, I had her making me feel like a piece of shit from a very early age and either I could overcome it or let it break me.

Other friends started wearing make-up too as we all got older and I wanted in so I asked my Mom is I could have some money for make-up.  She handed my something like $10-$20 and told me I could go.  I had no freaking idea about make-up other than what I saw on other people and TV.   I asked her what I should get and she laid out some ground rules. I can’t remember what they were but it was something like no mascara or eye liner or whatever.  I  took my money, walked down to the  Osco about a mile away and spent an hour in there staring at everything and trying to pick some stuff out and stay in budget.   Then I brought it all home and the next morning before school I did the best I could to put it on.  My mom didn’t show me, or help me with ANYTHING girly. We basically talked as little as possible for 15+ years until I got out of the house.   I remember I bought some cover girl foundation b/c my friend J wore it.  I put it on along with maybe some blush, blue eye shadow  following the map on the back ( it WAS the 80’s) and perhaps some blue or black eye liner, very Avril Lavigne.   By lunch I knew that foundation was never going on my face again  and until a few weeks ago when I found PUR  tinted moisturizer with  SPF,  it stayed that way.

How did I find that perfect tinted moisturizer with SPF after a 2 year search, MINIBOOBS of course.    She walked me around the store and we tried different ones,  she’d rule them out if the color wasn’t right or they were too thick.   Through her and my trips to Ulta I now have higher end eyeliner, eye shadow primer, brushes among other things.  She tells me how to use things and I go home and try it.  She shows me brushes, tells me tips and tricks, knows what brands are great for mascara and which ones aren’t.  Over the last year or so I’ve gotten pretty good, but my eye make-up will still never be as pretty as MiniBoobs or Sugar Baby’s for that matter.  By spending a little extra money, using brushes, and getting the help of loving friends,  make-up can look better and last longer,  But I’m not an expert, go ask MiniBoobs!




2 Comments on “Adventures in make-up with MiniBoobs”

  1. Lola says:

    Do you have an Ulta? I bet they’d help you there. I have greenish eyes and wear a lot of green, brownish gold or purple.

  2. I need to have a chat with MiniBoobs. I can put makeup on, but I’m not the best. I need to know what colors are good for me, etc.

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