Marking another year

Happy Thursday Lovies.  I decided to spend time with Babu last night instead of write an AD post about him.   I’ve blogged for roughly  27 consecutive days and I am about due for a break.  I realize that most of them have been photo a day, but even that takes up time and mental space.    Most importantly I have some fun planned for the next 11 days of  My Birthday Celebration!!  I don’t know about you but I tend to measure my life not in January 1st calendar years, but in life years with the anniversary being My Birthday!  It kicks off at lunch with a weekly visit from VinD and finishes on the 11th with B’s and G’s with my Besties recovering from a night on the town.   My Birthday is the only day of the year that is a command.  March 4th.  Stop laughing Lovies, I know plenty of people born on this day who aren’t bossy like me  🙂 Exactly 3 in fact!  They are all boys though, I’ve yet to meet another March 4th girl!  I’m turning 41 this year with the same excitement I had when I turned 40. Bring it! I LOVE being in my 40’s.   You just have no idea how freaking liberating age can be!  I truly feel like I am in a climbing  phase of my life, I still have struggles but I’ve been working towards this pinnacle, and I haven’t reached it yet.  I am enjoying  (almost) every stinking minute I spend seeing how high it will go!  How much work can I put it to make it go higher, do better, become more and more of the  woman I want to be. Still just fearlessly me, but closer and closer to the zen of loving and respecting myself. Better at turning on that light in others and showing  you all how wonderful, beautiful and amazing you are.  Yes YOU, even you with the issues, and fuck ups and shame, anger and fear.  Maybe this is your year to release all that and  fearlessly be YOU.   But back to the partying.

In the next 11 days I will

  • Run 6.4 race miles and 14 training miles
  • Do more push ups than I want to know about this far in advance; seriously I have to take the push thing one work out at a time with no peeking ahead or I’ll start freaking out.
  • Get a 4 day weekend with my SIL in our house
  • Have 3  girls nights for dinner/wine and bonding; Righteous Momma, Shorty and my group of work girls.
  • Spend my actual Birthday with Babu and the Little Lovies
  • Spend an afternoon eating, drinking and bonding adult slumber party style
  • Tear up the town with a large group of ladies ready to shake their bling jean clad  super fine asses  in the grope pit, probably eat Fat Dan’s at 3am…
  • Have B’s and G’s and a HUGE Diet Mt Dew!  (I have mostly given up soda)

I already had my Date Night for my birthday with Babu and got my gifts early!   Happy Birthday to me, writing will likely be sporadic and random while I enjoy the glory of my 40’s for as long as I care to milk it!  I leave you with this.

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