#febphotoaday 19 Something I Hate


It was a toss up between this, my role as the 3rd Grade Homework Warden, or Rom/Com Movies where the guy lies to the girl the whole time, then gets caught and then wins her back with some big speech and gesture which supposedly makes all that lying perfectly acceptable bc he loves her.

2 Comments on “#febphotoaday 19 Something I Hate”

  1. Lola says:

    I absolutely agree with your points, except about being looked down on for forgiveness, I don’t feel that at all in my life, it simply isn’t my perception of it in any way. We both know real life and the movies are not usually quite in sync. Movies are just entertainment and escape, I don’t like to buy into the lie that some big romantic gesture and speech makes a relationship built on one lie after another..ok. For me, the truth no matter how heinous is always better to have up front than a lie. I feel like you are having a strong reaction here, we should probably just agree to disagree on this one Shorty. It’s just a movie preference 🙂

  2. momto3undr5 says:

    Laura I am so confused… You have HUGE forgiveness in your life right now.. The kind that some people look down on.. Men… a lot of men lie to get what they want… Sometimes they fall in love in the process and then need to backtrack.. However, a mans number one goal starting out , most of the time, is NOT LOVE.. sometimes they fall, sometimes they dont. The best stories are the ones where they do.

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